89 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
July 23, 2019


¡Hola verano! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown

Sponsored this week by Sonoran Resorts – Las Vegas Night coming up July 6th! In case there were any doubt, Summer actually starts this weekend. Yes, Summer solstice is Friday.  Most schools across Mexico are out and in stark contrast to about a decade ago, Summer is Puerto Peñasco’s busiest season for area resorts! So […]

Breathe. Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by The Club at Islas del Mar It’s that breather between Memorial Day and Circus Mexicus – the beginning of June – time to catch our breath and get ready to pace ourselves. Temps are hanging in the low 80s and it’s time to run down the weekend, and maybe get in […]

Memorable! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by RCPM Circus Mexicus 2019   It’s almost here! Don’t let the cooler temps fool you! U.S. Memorial Day Weekend is here, along with the unofficial kick-off of summer, even if we only climb into the high 70s and there may be a cloud or two in the sky…remember this when August comes […]

Celebrate! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort – Happy Anniversary! As May would have it, we are in the thralls of end-of-semester excitement, Memorial Day Weekend around the corner frenzy, complete with RCPM’s Circus Mexicus nipping at our heels.  The weather is fantastic, and the sea is at an inviting temp, so […]

Mother’s Day – Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by RCPM Circus Mexicus 2019 ….Just one month to go! This week we celebrate Moms – from Mexico and around the globe – particularly as the big day in Mexico is May 10th  , with celebrations extending to U.S. Mother’s Day on May 12th! 10 de mayo is just as big around […]

5 de mayo Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort Cinco de Mayo weekend in Puerto Peñasco. No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day – but rather, commemorates the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862. Still, with May filled with several festivities (Labor Day May 1st, Mother’s Day 10 de mayo, Teacher’s Day May […]

¡Ahora si! ¡VAMOS GALLO! RP Weekend Rundown

After more than 100,000 people filled the streets and beaches of Puerto Peñasco over Easter Weekend, we are still in the thralls of the two-week adventure known as Semana Santa (though schools are back in session come Monday).  With about near perfect weather, and May peaking over the horizon, let’s run down the weekend. This […]

Derby, Music, Art & Golf! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored by Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort Local schools get out this weekend for the two-week stretch encompassing “Semana Santa” (Holy Week).  Yes, this is the time of year where bandas can be heard on nearly every doorstep or under any beach palapa, and come Easter weekend tuba necks stretch over the malecón like […]

Spring on! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by Capone’s! With Spring Break days and daze winding down, we launch right into actual Spring (Spring equinox TODAY at about 3 p.m.). Be on the look-out for lots of kiddos dressed up around town tomorrow in their “spring-time” best (bunnies, ducks, flowers….). You may even come across a kindergarten or two […]

SB2K19 Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Spring is in the air! Well, technically we’ve got about 2 more weeks on our plate before official spring but hey, sure sounds, moves, and parties like Spring Break around here!  Yes, just as the weather warmed up we were thrown into the throngs of DJ fiestas and bikini choices. Even with cooler temps anticipated […]

Hello, March! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

February’s frigid fervor is gone and temps are finally warming up, just in time for Carnaval along with Spring Break shenanigans.  Local cruise operators tell us whales can still be spotted relatively near Puerto Peñasco, though distances are getting a bit further out – so be sure to hop on a whale watching cruise as […]

Brrrrring it on! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

We hear the average high in the following days will be hovering around 60°F, with the possibility of a little rain and then cloudy skies across the weekend.  While you bundle up by the sea, be sure to keep an eye out for spectacular sunsets as that’s always a silver lining to any cloud that […]

Jam on! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

  Sponsored this week by RCPM January Jam XI The first long weekend after the navidad holidays is here!  With fervor over the announcement that Cruise & Maritime Voyages has scheduled cruise routes through the Sea of Cortez to begin in December, it can be a challenge to focus on everything else going on. So, […]

Racing through January! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Sponsored this week by the Ultimate Driving Experience @ Rocky Point Speedway Though the traditional “Lupe-Reyes” marathon wrapped up on January 6th as familias across Mexico celebrated Three Kinds Day, it feels like we’re already racing through 2019.  (Note: the Lupe-Reyes marathon refers to the stretch from Dec. 12 (Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe […]

Welcome to 2019! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Welcome to 2019! As the New Year begins, we are filled with new ideas, plans, and best wishes for what 2019 will bring. Among these plans is lots of activity over the coming months. Let’s get straight to it, take a look,…and save the dates for the first part […]