Recipes – Recetas

Un champurrado, por favor.

¿Quién no ha probado el famoso champurrado (o champurro)? Ideal para el frío, con pan, para una mañana familiar o  en la noche junto a una chimenea o fogata. Lo pedimos, lo compramos, unos lo hacen más sabroso que otros (sin duda). Sin embargo, a veces, la ley de Murphy se hace presente, y cuando […]

Caldo de queso

¿Qué me dicen, si antes de cualquier cosa, se lanzan por cosas para hacer un caldito de queso? Y así ya está todo listo para mañana.- Se escucha decir a mi mamá un sábado por la tarde. Y es que, desde que tengo memoria, en mi casa es una tradición hacer el caldo cuando la […]

Caldo de Queso / Cheese Broth

“What do you say, before we do anything else, you go get stuff to make a caldito de queso? That way everything is ready for tomorrow,” my mom said one Saturday morning. As long as I can remember, it’s been a tradition in my family to make caldo (broth) when the family gets together, or […]

Chorizo vs La Cruda?

By Richard Scott I noticed an interesting phenomenon when I worked at the resorts on Sandy Beach. Friday saw crowds of people check in, ready to make the most of two or three days of fun and sun. Cocktails, fireworks, four wheelers, cocktails, jet skis, breaded shrimp, sunset cruises, and cocktails….and that was just Friday. […]

Courtesy of abuela: Lentil & Bacon Soup

Given an expected cold front set to roll into the area this weekend*, we thought we’d bring up this goodie from last year to help keep us all warm.  ¡Buen provecho! *Granted, “cold front” may be all relative for anyone visiting us from points North.   By MoKa Hammeken  (Republished from Jan. 2013) January is […]

Nothing is more Sonoran than Carne Asada….except Gallina Pinta

By Richard Scott “But I’ve never heard of it” I say. Florencia chops beef into big cubes, then slides them into the pot of pinto beans. “It is so local, people from other places in Mexico don’t know it,” she says. Steam from the pot smells garlicky, and starts fogging the cold kitchen window. “For […]

A taste of Sonora: Cocido de Res

At my grandmother’s, the famous “cocido de res Sonorense” (Sonoran cooked beef) was known as “puchero” (stew). She would greet us with this dish every time we visited her home on Calle de Xochicalco in Mexico City. My family always delighted in this, though personally I must admit I wasn’t much of a fan. “Monica,” […]

Time for Tamales

We all know what a tamale is. We’ve enjoyed them at parties, celebrations, and feasts and above all they are the guests of honor on February 2nd, the Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas Day), when those who found a small doll in their slice of Rosca de Reyes on Jan. 6th now have the obligation […]

Rosca de Reyes Recipe

On January 6th, Día de los Reyes (Kings’ Day/Epiphany), the Christmas season continues in Mexico with the arrival of the Three Kings bearing gifts. Whereas many gifts at Christmas time may include clothing, Kings’ Day is traditionally the time that children receive toys (particularly in central Mexico).  A delicious tradition from Día de los Reyes […]

A little mole about mole

By MoKa Hammeken We’re well into September, the patriotic month for Mexicans! The month full of explosions of color and tastes! We’ve also had the famous long holiday weekend, “puente”, invigorating the hearts of the nation with fiestas streaming with tequila, sombreros, fireworks, and typical dishes. Who as a young child didn’t want to go […]

A New Year’s Ponche!

Looking for a tasty hot drink to help ring in the New Year?  Try out this traditional Mexican ponche recipe. You’ll find many of the ingredients at local Fruterías y Verdurías (like the new spot of the Sinaloan Fruit shop on Blvd. Sinaloa). Ingredients: piloncillo cone (dark sugar molded into cone shapes) 15 guayabas 25 tejocotes  (pronunciation: tay-ho-coat-tay […]