Adrenaline on the dunes! Sandboarding insider

“Glide down a dune at full speed, break the wind, find your balance, feel the adrenaline and the freedom the desert provides!”   This is sandboarding. I was working on an article about different activities you can find in Rocky Point, when I first contacted Emmanuel Ortega via Facebook to see if I could talk to […]

Breathing easy with Rocky Point Divers

There are five items each budding diver should plan on getting for their own: booties, mask, fins, gloves, and snorkel. Check! After finishing up book work and a written test for the Open Water Dive PADI certification class I’m currently taking in Puerto Peñasco with Rocky Point Divers, I guess purchasing these items from the […]

Diving or sightseeing at Bird Island ~ Isla San Jorge

Off the coast just southeast of Rocky Point adventures await at Bird Island, also known as Isla San Jorge. When standing on the beaches of the Mirador, or further South from Las Conchas down to the pristine area of Mayan Palace, if you stretch your eyes enough to the Eastern horizon you can often see […]

Don’t wear a dress on a speed boat: Venture to Bird Island (part I)

From the moment we picked up speed, the dress began to blow in every which direction, uncovering what it should have covered and covering up where it shouldn’t (my face, for example). Luckily, I was wearing a bathing suit under it all. Still, the whole thing was an odyssey…trying to accommodate it, flatten it, and […]

Top Things to Do and Sea in Rocky Point

Everyone surely has their list of top things to do in Rocky Point, and we’d love to hear yours!  Here are some of ours… Beaches Rocky Point offers varied beach landscapes from soft fine sand to more rugged and rocky seascapes, often varying due to the extreme high and low tides the area is known […]

SUPing the Sea of Cortez!

The serene waters of the Sea of Cortez practically command you to gaze at dolphins on the horizon, sail across its surface, or test one’s balance on a stand-up paddle board.  A few years ago, Rocky Point SUP first began offering rentals off the beach. Adventure companies then added a board or two to their […]

BooBar Poker Run 2016!

“The Monday after Super Bowl is the least productive day in the U.S.” This statement caught my eye Tuesday as it ran across the TV screen meant to help ease the doldrum of waiting in line at Banorte. “Yesterday was pretty productive,” I smirked, yet admittedly not at the office but as part of this […]

2015 Whale Watching Options

The 2015 whale watching season is officially underway in Puerto Peñasco and is making quite a ripple. On January 8th, “whale whisperer” Captain Oscar of Del Mar Charters shared a video of the season’s first fin whales spotted near Las Conchas, which was quickly followed up by a second video featuring SUP enthusiast Brad Olson […]

Craters and sand dunes at the Pinacate! Perfect for all seasons!

The winter season and its lower temperatures are no impediment for visitors to take in the magic and wonder at the Pinacate Reserve. The Reserve, which encompasses craters dotted across the desert landscape, offers one of the most biodiverse spots in the world and is located just about 30 miles north of Puerto Peñasco. This […]

January Jam Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

Jan Jam! 1/24 & 1/25

Contributor: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers It’s time for the annual Jan Jam in Rocky Point on Jan 24th & 25th!  Friday night’s show will open at 8pm with Jim Dalton & The Lawbreakers which includes PH, Nick and Harley Husbands from Shurman.  Then RCPM take the stage for a set of all cover songs…a first!  […]

Pinacate / Schuk Toak Visitors Center

Congratulations to the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Grand Desert of Altar in having been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 21, 2013!!! Republished from Jan. 2012 The Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar are wonderful jewels surrounding our seaside town. In addition to a visit to the fascinating Maar craters of the Pinacate Reserve (entrance […]

A cooking class with Chef Mickey two years in the making

Contributor: Robert Farrell I had been promising myself that I’d do it…I had been promising it to myself for a couple of years. Finally, over the Cinco de Mayo weekend, I fulfilled that promise: I took one of Chef Mickey’s cooking classes to expand my kitchen skills. Chef Mickey (Chef Mickey’s Place, Blvd. Fremont at […]

Yoga-izing Peñasco

By MoKa Hammeken I remember some time ago a doctor recommended I do yoga, or pilates. In the absence of both, I would go walk on the beach, which is good exercise and relaxing. Nevertheless, It was not completely what the doctor ordered, and I still had the urge to try the other. Fads are […]

New in town: South of the Border Museum

On Monday, August 27th, Dr. Luis R. Vásquez inaugurated his South of the Border Museum in the Old Port, which will be opening its doors to the public as of today, Aug. 31 and be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. The unconventional museum/art gallery exhibits works of art, along with historical […]

What’s SUP in Rocky Point?

SUP is the exciting, challenging, and balance testing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding – and it’s now in Puerto Peñasco! With origins in Hawaii, in recent years SUP has attracted surf enthusiasts from beaches hugging far coasts, rivers, and lakes to popular hot spots in Mexico including Los Cabos and now Rocky Point. Whereas with […]