Rocky Point 360 turns page after 12 years

Rocky Point 360 first burst on the Puerto Peñasco online stage in October 2011.  As a family collaboration, we brought together the photographic prowess of webmaster Ariel and Arq. Plinio Rivero, the Spanish storytelling talent of Moka, and my own writing ambition along with a fervent desire to provide timely information on upcoming events in our nook here on the Sea of Cortez.  Twelve years later, much as a 1st grader works up through senior year, the time has come to graduate…don a cap and turn the tassel… or rather, close out this particular chapter.

RockyPoint360 Rocky Point 360 turns page after 12 years

At distinct periods spanning from then to now, with Rocky Point 360 I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with exceptional local journalists José Antonio Pérez and Susy Mazon, fellow enthusiastic scribe Richard Scott, photographers Dan Lopez, Edwin, Crisbel, and Robespierre, calendar and directory sidekicks Chico and María Luisa, along with various collaborators and content contributors…and, of course, family.

Though my husband Architect Plinio Rivero and I had already been living in Puerto Peñasco for a decade prior to the launch of Rocky Point 360, in many ways the first years of the site catapulted me …us… onto the cross-cultural expat and still muy mexicano scene.  We suddenly found ourselves decked out in cameras and curiosity to capture the fun and excitement of events and experiences in Rocky Point. Over the next twelve years, we saw the city’s event landscape rise and dip much as the dramatic tide movement along these shores and we rode every wave – even through “the Covid year.”

Rocky Point 360 has opened doors. It has strengthened existing friendships and provided an immense opportunity to build new ones. Looking back, the first time we stepped out for the night to a music event announced on the site was to Mark Mulligan that initial Fall; my very first actual interview for Rocky Point 360 was with Roger Clyne just before January Jam 2012. Carnaval parades, Cervantino Festivals on the malecón, open air concerts, regattas, triathlons, car races, rallies, hot-air balloons, Mexican Independence Day fiestas, Revolution Day parades, 5 de mayo jamborees, Día de los Muertos altars and catrinas, fundraisers, art markets, aquatic adventures, golf tournaments, chili cook-offs, y más.  For me personally, Rocky Point 360 also shed a whole new light on the community nestled into Cholla Bay – the 1-club golf and bathtub races at JJ’s, cornhole and horseshoe tournaments, and don’t forget Oktoberfest, potlucks, poker runs, and the Christmas Light parade, just to highlight some of their happenings.

We’ve been there to document turtle releases, whale watching excursions, Bird Island escapades (one of my favorites!), stargazing at the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, maar crater encounters at the Pinacate, ongoing environmental education activities at the Intercultural Center for the Study of Desert and Oceans (CEDO), Circus Mexicus and January Jam, charanga derby races, fishing tournaments, beach clean-ups, four (or was it five?) mayors, and at least two or possibly three commercial flight ventures to town, and don’t forget the vintage cruise ship of 2020.

New Chapter

I am excited about new opportunities and adventures to come, yes from right here in Rocky Point.  For those who may not know, I have been a certified Spanish/English translator in the state of Sonora since 2013, with more than a decade of translating experience even prior to that.  Writing continues to be one of my passions (right up there with travel and language) and I am excited to embark on new collaborative projects.  ¡Gracias por todo!

Contact information:    FB:  KEE Services / Perito Traductor  IG:@samipenasco

The webmaster for Rocky Point 360 is Ariel González Lavín.  He may be contacted for questions or more information as to future options for the site:        Facebook




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