Rocky Point 360 turns page after 12 years

Rocky Point 360 first burst on the Puerto Peñasco online stage in October 2011.  As a family collaboration, we brought together the photographic prowess of webmaster Ariel and Arq. Plinio Rivero, the Spanish storytelling talent of Moka, and my own writing ambition along with a fervent desire to provide timely information on upcoming events in […]

CEDO Xperiences – August

Attention all nature lovers!  In August, CEDO has exciting events just for YOU! Join a CEDO Xperience! Immerse yourself in the biodiversity surrounding the Puerto Peñasco region, learn about marine conservation, and discover sustainable practices to preserve the environment. Join CEDO and meet research, science, and conservation experts who will raise awareness about the importance […]

One World Medics International Conference to bridge borders

Calling EMS and EMT professionals, firefighters, and other first responders to a weekend of instruction, learning, and camaraderie on the beach in Mexico! One World Medics, which has donated nearly 30 ambulances and emergency vehicles across Mexico since 2019, will hold its first International Conference in Puerto Peñasco this September 28th-30th.  With a goal of […]

Se programa Encuentro de Pueblos Indígenas – 9 de agosto

Celebrarán por primera vez a los Pueblos Indígenas; harán encuentro en el Centro de Convenciones Con el propósito de promover la cultura y tradiciones de la etnia madre Tohono O’odham y las etnias asentadas en Puerto Peñasco, por primera vez se realizará la celebración de Los Pueblos Indígenas a través de la Comisión de Atención […]

CEDO reports success of 2nd Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Festival

Over 200 people from the primary sector, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations took part in the 2nd Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Festival held in Mexicali earlier this month. This included over 18 exhibitors from across northwestern Mexico, as well as other parts of the country, together to strengthen artisanal fisheries and aquaculture. As Festival Founders, […]

Improving beach accessibility one wheel at a time

One evening while out capturing a spectacular sunset over the Sea of Cortez, as is his nearly daily ritual, the artist/photographer/adventurer/guide Tony Ballesteros watched a young man enjoying the same view from a wheelchair, its narrow tires sunk somewhat into the sand.  Tony recalled his own experience in a wheelchair after a hospital stay at […]

Life lessons from #CasaDeFirulais

Our two dogs are set to receive their monthly dose of flea and tick medicine tomorrow – precisely 4 weeks after the last dose, and nearly a month since the abrupt passing of their fearless leader Firulais due to latent ehrlichiosis.  I must admit, I still don’t know quite how to pronounce that diagnosis, and […]

Hake joins shrimp among Puerto Peñasco’s main fishing staples

Hake (merluza) production and the economic revenue it has brought to the area has provided a much-needed breath of fresh air to the local fishing industry, remarks Municipal Coordinator of Fishing Affairs Leobardo García Morales. Indeed, in recent years hake has joined shrimp as one of Puerto Peñasco’s main fishing staples. García Morales indicated, through […]

Children’s Day to welcome Young leaders at City Hall

April 30th is Children’s Day in Mexico. In lead up to the celebration, a citywide school lottery among sixty-two 6th graders helped select young leaders to serve in City office for the day. Rafael Alejandro Medina León, 6th grader from Club de Leones Elementary, was selected as Mayor for the Day to head up Puerto […]

Slam Dunk for Battle at the Beach in Puerto Peñasco

The ABA Mexico “Battle for the Beach” basketball camp held April 12th – 16th at the Municipal Gym provided youth from 8-18 years old a chance to train alongside basketball pros. The clinic was part of a weeklong showcase of ABA Mexico in Puerto Peñasco, with the goal of promoting sporting events to boost athletics […]

Red Cross Annual Collection through May: Matching donation available!

The Red Cross’ annual funds drive went into effect in late March, and locally on April 12th with a 20,000 peso donation presented by mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo.  As always, it’s important to keep in mind the altruistic group is a non-governmental organization and relies principally on donations. The “Once isn’t Enough, Dig Deeper” (Una […]

Navy honors 1914 Defense of Veracruz: Inauguration of ExpoMar

Plaza Gobernadores in Puerto Peñasco’s Old Port was dressed to the nines on April 21st to commemorate the 109th Anniversary of the Heroic Defense of Veracruz in 1914 against U.S. forces. Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaña joined Puerto Peñasco mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo and 6th Naval Zone Commander Epigmenio Javier Rodriguez Balbuena for ceremonies at […]

Compassion Without Borders breaks ground on new animal shelter & clinic

There exist different strategies and organizations in Rocky Point to address the dire need of caring for stray dogs, as well as in providing access to animal health services.  One of these is the work of Compassion Without Borders, which broke ground at the end of March on construction of a center to house a […]