PLAZA FABIOLA has reopened!

The city has inspected and certified our business to be safe, clean & in compliance with requirements Open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily on “Rodeo Rd.” Closed Wednesdays New Spring/Summer merchandise has arrived! Regulations we’re required to adhere to: – All persons are required to wear protective masks – Maximum of 10 clients allowed […]

Missing Circus Mexicus? Don’t miss RCPM CM Cyber-Celebración June 13th

(Tempe, AZ)  While COVID-19 has suspended Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers’ 20 year streak of performing Circus Mexicus live in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, the band is keeping the spirit alive by hosting a cyber Circus Mexicus livestream broadcast Saturday June 13th, 2020 at . RCPM Live: The Circus Mexicus ¡Cyber-Celebración! Livestream will bring the […]

The (Mask) Helpers   Part 4 of…. Covid-19 Column

With Puerto Peñasco starting Phase I of a gradual reopening process (May 18 – 31st), health guidelines concerning the use of nose/mouth coverings when out in public remain in effect.  Throughout the corona-universe we have found ourselves in since late March, various individuals as well as organizations have jumped in to help precisely by making […]

Save the dates! RCPM en Vivo in Fall 2020

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers will be returning to Puerto Penasco not once, but twice in 2020! The weekends will have a similar schedule and intimate vibe as our January Jam weekends, using both stages at Banditos and others around town to amplify the fun.

Local AMPI donates medical supplies to General Hospital

By José Antonio Pérez The local chapter of the Asociación Mexicana de Profesiónales Inmobiliarios (AMPI – local real estate association) donated 42 medical coveralls to the General Hospital of Puerto Peñasco at the end of April, to assist medical and nursing staff confront the present coronavirus pandemic. Martin Martínez González, Puerto Peñasco AMPI member, detailed […]

The (Ánimo) Helpers   Part 3 of … Covid-19 Column

¡Ánimo, we’re in this together!  I’ve heard that word a lot recently, in phrases such as ánimo, you can do it – when learning a new skill; ánimo, keep your spirits up – expressed to a friend whose mother passed during this awkward time; we’re doing this to help with children´s ánimo – from volunteers […]

The (Food) Helpers in Puerto Peñasco Part 2 of … Covid-19 Column

Across Puerto Peñasco, several individuals, groups, community centers, and organizations (governmental and non-governmental alike) are stepping into incredible roles to try and address several pressing needs that have arisen or been magnified by the Covid-19 alternate universe we find ourselves in during what would usually be one of the busiest times of the year in […]

The Helpers in Puerto Peñasco part 1 of…. Covid-19 column

By José Antonio Pérez Technological Institute in Puerto Peñasco donates face shields to Health Sector To support needs that have arisen due to Covid-19, this past week the Superior Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP) donated a first package of 10 face shields to area health workers. These shields were designed and manufactured by ITSPP […]

Visits suspended to Casa Hogar home for the elderly as health measure

 By José Antonio Pérez As the elderly are among the most vulnerable to the Covid-19 coronavirus, the José Dávalos Valdivia “Casa Hogar” home for the elderly has suspended visitations to the home for over a week now. Board president Santiago Ruiz Hurtado detailed preventive steps and intense training have in fact been in effect at […]

Local fishermen and the economic impact of Covid-19

By José Antonio Pérez The Covid-19 coronavirus economic crisis is already hitting the fishing community of Puerto Peñasco, with a drop in seafood purchases despite fish being both healthy and accessible for the majority of the population. Ernesto Gastélum González, diver and member of the Intercommunity Coastal Group (GIR) of the Puerto Peñasco-Puerto Lobos fishing […]

No health alert declaration to close Peñasco beaches

City following protocol to address COVID-19 By José Antonio Pérez & Shandra Keesecker-Rivero Neither the State Government nor the Federal Government have issued a health emergency declaration to proceed with the closure of public beaches in Sonora, though Puerto Peñasco is complying with all protocol concerning the present coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, affirmed Puerto Peñasco mayor […]

#supportlocalbusiness Rocky Point Rundown

Well, we sure didn’t think Spring would roll into Puerto Peñasco like this. As we followed word of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that has been spreading across the globe since early this year, and knew first cases of it were detected in Mexico on just February 28th, our focus turned more towards revisiting how to wash […]