Puerto Peñasco fleet hauls in 275 tons of shrimp in first trip

The Puerto Peñasco shrimp fleet caught approximately 275 tons of shrimp in its first trip out to sea this season, averaging 5 tons per boat.  Mateo López León, Chair of the Shipowners Federation for the Upper Gulf of California, deemed this to be a good yield. López León noted this is a good start for […]

Peñasco Cemeteries open under controls for Day of the Dead

Area cemeteries in Puerto Peñasco will be open to visitors on the upcoming Día de Muertos, Nov 2nd, though under strict protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Municipal Secretary Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela detailed those who wish to visit the dearly departed must do so under COVID-19 prevention protocols (use of masks and social distancing). […]

Panga shrimp production falls between 30%-60% in Upper Gulf of California

Carlos Alberto Tirado Pineda, Administration Council Chair for the Regional Federation of Fishing Cooperatives in the Biosphere Reserve, reported despite an Agreement on Sustainable Fishing and Protection of Fauna in the Northern Gulf of California, coastal fishing boats known as pangas are operating normally yet with a 30 – 60% drop in production. Tirado Pineda […]

Bids on improvements to beach access points

Jose Luis Montijo Torres, Director of Public Works, reported a bidding process is underway for projects to improve different beach access points across Puerto Peñasco. He added the overall project entails an investment of 20 million pesos (about 1 million dollars) , from resources of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT). Projects under consideration for […]

Love the Arts! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

Phoenix area has already surpassed a record number of over 100° days! While we may still have some humidity lingering this late into October, Puerto Peñasco is at least 10° – 15° degrees cooler and we’ve got the sea breeze!  Live music continues to ring out under #CoastalDistancing standards in town, and yes, we are […]

Holiday weekend draws Fall tourism to Puerto Peñasco

The holiday weekend commemorating Columbus Day, or Indigenous People’s Day in the United States, also known as Día de la Raza in Mexico, reported positive tourism numbers with hotel occupancy between 80% and 100%. This represents an important source of revenue for Puerto Peñasco, remarked Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, president of the Puerto Peñasco Convention […]

Selling or buying with an L.L.C. in Mexico Tax implications.

Scenario: You set up a bank trust in Mexico, which holds property over certain condominium/property; the beneficiary is an L.L.C. Now, you received an offer from a third party interested in buying your Condominium/beach home/property, it´s a very interesting offer as it represents a substantial profit; you are in!You may have been told the fastest, […]

Ships returns to monitor Vaquita Marina Habitat

For a fourth consecutive year, yet this time under Covid health protocols, the “Narval” ship of the Whale and Ocean Sciences Museum is sailing within the vaquita marina refuge in the Upper Gulf of California, in an effort to preserve the endangered species. After resuming sea patrols following their suspension in March due to Covid-19, […]

Las Palomas HOA presents welcome donation to Fire Department

On October 7th, representatives from the Las Palomas HOA Board of Directors met with local Fire Department personnel, the head of Civil Protection, and Mayor Ernesto Munro to present the department with a donation of much needed and important equipment. Arizona firefighter Mike Cichocki of the Las Palomas Board,  and President of FireFighter CPR located […]

Rocky Point Rundown Return!

Greetings once again from the shores of Puerto Peñasco! It has been a minute, indeed. Believe it or not, the last time we pulled out the calendar to run down the weekend together was mid-March! Well, we’ve all been through some stuff together – and mostly apart – over the past few months, haven’t we? […]

Municipal Public Safety assisting to clarify car theft along highway to Puerto Lobos

XXIII H. AYUNTAMIENTO DE PUERTO PEÑASCO  Press Release. 0525 Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro has instructed municipal police to assist the State Attorney’s Office in clarifying details on a reported armed-theft that recently impacted a family from the U.S. along the highway toward Puerto Lobos, in the municipality of Caborca. José Tlaseca Méndez, Municipal […]

Safety operatives strengthened in Puerto Peñasco

Press Release. Oct. 8, 2020. Public Safety Secretary. Sonora. To provide peace of mind for travelers, tourists, and residents of Puerto Peñasco, authorities from the three levels of government have ordered police forces to the municipality and surrounding communities. In a meeting held virtually, presided over by State Public Safety Secretary David Anaya Cooley, along […]

The Friday SeaShell Museum reopens to visitors!

Contributor:  Naomi Black Did you know that Rocky Point has a Seashell Museum? This small museum, built in 2017 and opened to the public in January of 2018, houses a private collection of seashells, mostly from the Sea of Cortez. Other shells in the collection are from the Pacific Ocean, while a handful are from […]

Steps of Love “Step UP” for Education Challenge

Contributor: Steps of Love / AIM Peñasco A few of our wonderful supporters are challenging owners at each resort/living community to open their hearts and their pocketbooks to invest in a better future for kids in Puerto Peñasco.  Funds raised will enable us to provide hundreds of students with a nutritious meal each school day […]