June 25, 2019


¡Teatro Bar en Puerto Peñasco!

Teatro Bar en Puerto Peñasco, el espacio para ir a disfrutar una puesta en escena y pasar un momento de relax al mismo tiempo . Una propuesta para que usted pueda apreciar  una obra de teatro a la vez  de disfrutar un  momento de relax con amigos es la que se presentará por algunos jueves […]

Tohono O’odham Art Fair

In sharing cultural forms of expression, members of the Tohono O’odham nation gathered at Plaza del Camarón (Shrimp Plaza) in Puerto Peñasco on Friday, September 7th for their 1st Folk Art Fair. Ethnic groups from across the region were invited to participate, where all were able to exhibit their wares. Along with Governors from the […]

Fishing boats ready for 2018-2019 shrimp season

By José Antonio Pérez Puerto Peñasco’s shrimping fleet, made up of some 120 boats, is pretty much ready to begin the 2018-2019 season on Sept. 19th. Mateo Lopez Leon, President for the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (Canainpesca), reported just weeks before the season begins, 90% of the shrimping fleet had already undergone maintenance […]

Celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day!

As is tradition, on the night of September 15th, people across Mexico will gather to celebrate the “Grito de Dolores” (Call to Independence). Locally, thousands of Puerto Peñasco residents and visitors will enjoy the festivities outside City Hall, so get ready to shout ¡VIVA! Outside City Hall, a night full of local artists, traditional folk […]

SCMA “Three Flags Classic” start up from Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez The 43rd edition of the traditional Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA) “Three Flags Classic” motorcycle run began at dawn this past Friday, with at least 220 bikers participating in a trip that will take them across 2,000 miles from Mexico, through the United States, and all the way to Canada. Local […]

CEDO: Call to help restore whale skeleton

As tourism continues to rise in and around Puerto Peñasco, CEDO is making a concerted effort to make their facilities reflect the quality of their work behind the scenes, however they need help from visitors and residents alike! Recently, the iconic and beloved CEDO whale skeleton submitted to the elements and tipped over after its […]

2nd Annual Sand Castle Contest to benefit Casa Hogar!

The 2nd Annual Sand Castle Contest to benefit the José Dávalos “Casa Hogar” Retirement Home promises a lot of family fun! The contest will be held on August 18th  on Playa Hermosa (just east of Playa Bonita near the large palapa). Participants will have 2 hours to build their castle, and will be able to […]

“Clean Waves-Zero Waste” Doing their part for beach clean-up

“Clean Waves-Zero Waste” is basically a group of friends who came together with the same goal of wanting to see clean beaches in Puerto Peñasco while raising awareness among beach goers. The project informally began in June with creation of a Whatsapp group where friends would arrange a time and place to meet and then […]

Y sonó el Norteño Banda con Julión Álvarez

Disfrutaron por más de tres horas de la voz de Julión Álvarez y su Norteño Banda, las miles de personas que acudieron al concierto del interprete el pasado 28 de julio en Puerto Peñasco. Con un Centro de Convenciones abarrotado de seguidores que coreaban sus canciones, se vivió en este tan esperado concierto organizado por […]

CEDO Notes & Wish List

THE RACE TO SAVE THE DACE HAS BEGUN! CEDO friend Dennis Caldwell (US Fish & Wildlife) from Tucson, and his trusty assistant Marcus Kevin Knaus, from Germany and of Tucson, are toiling in the scorching July sun to make a new home for the endangered long fin dace (Agosia chrysogaster). The last of these little […]

Julión Álvarez to play Puerto Peñasco July 28th

Currently known to be one of the greatest performers of regional Mexican music, Julión Álvarez is set to perform in Puerto Peñasco for the first time on July 28th at the ExpoPeñasco Convention Center. The Chiapas born singer, who got his early start with Banda MS, will be performing hits that have earned him awards […]

“Kilombo Café” art forum opens its doors

After coming to be known as an eclectic clothing and art spot, as well as having opened a second site in the center of town, Kilombo’s flagship store on Blvd. Juarez has now become Kilombo Café. The café’s grand opening on June 30th highlighted the new art forum where artists will be able to present […]

The wonder of Puerto Peñasco’s tides

By Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau Puerto Peñasco’s thrilling tidal movement is a spectacular show of nature, and a wonder to anyone lucky enough to witness it.  This phenomenal change in high and low tides can be easily admired by all as the sea recedes meters at a time, or as the water returns […]

Una tarde para juntar basura

– Vamos a colaborar un poquito, levantaremos basura que esta en la salida a Caborca por favor no se acerquen a la carretera , tomen sus guantes  (que por cierto eran para pintar cabello)  – les dije a mis hijas cuando poníamos un poco de gasolina, ellas gritaron como siempre de emoción por que lo […]

Notes about July 1st elections in Mexico

*UPDATED JUNE 28, 2018* Mexico is currently engulfed in electoral campaigns, which officially began on March 30th   and run through June 27th, all in leading up to election day, Sunday, July 1st.  In addition to the importance of the elections in general, it is worthwhile to note “Ley Seca” (dry law, i.e. no alcohol sales) […]