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A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!

It began with a ripple. In the past week, many have spouted off accounts of whale sightings just off the shores of Puerto Peñasco. Sonoran Resort blogger Joe Houchin recently reported on the amazing display of whale-ry near the sands of Sandy Beach, “…not for just a fleeting moment, not just a glimpse on a […]

Welcome to February! Weekend Rundown!

Remember back on Jan. 6th, when we happily shared the Rosca de Reyes (Kings’ Day pastry) and some of us had the pleasure of finding the “baby doll” in our slice? Well, Feb. 2nd is the Día de la Candelaria and time for “doll holders” to bring tamales to the party. I admit, I found […]

Music. Golf. Baseball. Weekend Rundown 1/25 – 1/27

While in the southeastern part of Sonora the colonial town of Alamos gets ready to hold their 29th international cultural celebration known as the Alfonso Ortiz Tirade Festival (FAOT), our little corner of Sonora is preparing for music to sweep over the beaches from Wrecked to JJ’s with tunes of the 6th edition of January […]

What the Heck is “SOB’S”?

Contributor: Linda Mottle SOB’S is “South of the Border Singles” in Rocky Point. It’s a group of adult singles that meets once or twice a week to socialize, have dinner or breakfast, or other events. Wednesday’s 4-5:30PM cocktail hour, at Playa Bonita’s beachside restaurant is often followed by smaller groups for dinner at different restaurants. […]

Shop locally Holiday style

Puerto Peñasco is once again adorned for the holiday season. A Christmas winter wonderland lights up Plaza la Madre each night as you first drive into town, which is where the City’s traditional nativity scene may also be found this year. A handful of palm trees are enveloped in holiday colors while poinsettias (noche buenas) […]

Eclectic Culinary Delights aplenty!

Contributor: Susan Smiley Schramm If you’re stuck in a rut and finally figuring out that you are getting bored heading to the same ‘ole two or three favorite eating establishments in Penasco, then it’s time to open your mind to all sorts of alternatives. From fine dining to storefronts, to takeout to food carts, our […]

Yoga-izing Peñasco

By MoKa Hammeken I remember some time ago a doctor recommended I do yoga, or pilates. In the absence of both, I would go walk on the beach, which is good exercise and relaxing. Nevertheless, It was not completely what the doctor ordered, and I still had the urge to try the other. Fads are […]

New in town: South of the Border Museum

On Monday, August 27th, Dr. Luis R. Vásquez inaugurated his South of the Border Museum in the Old Port, which will be opening its doors to the public as of today, Aug. 31 and be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. The unconventional museum/art gallery exhibits works of art, along with historical […]

What’s SUP in Rocky Point?

SUP is the exciting, challenging, and balance testing sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding – and it’s now in Puerto Peñasco! With origins in Hawaii, in recent years SUP has attracted surf enthusiasts from beaches hugging far coasts, rivers, and lakes to popular hot spots in Mexico including Los Cabos and now Rocky Point. Whereas with […]

“Let’s Go Do Something” RussBus Van Tours

Contributors: Russ & Naomi Black Whether you are a first time visitor or long-time resident who would just like to sit back and enjoy the ride, the “Let’s Go Do Something” RussBus Van Tours are a fun way to travel around with a group of your friends or family and enjoy Peñasco!! The CITY TOUR will […]

Mi Playa offers new beach option

Just in time for Semana Santa, in broadening beach options to the general public here in Puerto Peñasco, the City of Puerto Peñasco has opened up access to the beach in a stretch between the Mirador and CetMar (near Las Conchas). The area has been provided to the City under lease by the University of Sonora, who had used […]

Bird Island awaits! EcoFun joins local adventure options

Looking out into Puerto Peñasco’s harbor, the attractive EcoFun1 catamaran is a welcome addition to the boats docked just beyond the towering masts of the city’s shrimping fleet. Following the boat’s exciting voyage earlier this year across the seas from Puerto Vallarta, the boat’s captain, crew, and the entire local Rocky Point staff from EcoFun […]

Acqua ~ A Spa Escapade

For years, local residents and visitors alike have enjoyed the numerous health and beauty options across Rocky Point at rates usually a bit more within reach than those just north of the border. Whether for dental care, body contouring, massage, or general healthcare, these offerings are continuing to increase in the area. Following 5 years […]

Horseback riding on the beach

Cue the romantic music, the sun going down over the water, and hoof prints making their mark in the sand.  Beyond jet-skis racing across the waves, or a banana boat bouncing along near the shore, another of Rocky Point’s fun activities is horseback riding on the beach. Joe Houchin, writer for the Sonoran Resort blog, […]

Kayaking adventures in Rocky Point

Among the many hidden treasures one may come across when looking to explore Rocky Point are the wonderful stories of travel and adventure by Joe Houchin who writes articles for the Sonoran Resort blog. Houchin, a retired travel and tourism writer, enjoys the sun, sand, and sea of Rocky Point! Thanks Joe, for letting us […]