5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!

Tequila-Fest-2012-18-620x413 5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!Hard to believe but it’s already May! As our gran amigo Joe Houchin explains in an article shared with us this week, May brings with it a slew of activities and traditional fiestas. May 1st was Labor Day, 3 de mayo is the Day of the Holy Cross honoring those in construction, 5 de mayo honors the Battle of Puebla (no, not Mexican Independence day if you were still wondering), 10 de mayo is Mother’s Day in Mexico (possibly one of the most venerated days on the calendar), Teachers’ Day is May 15th along with International Family Day, Students’ Day is May 23rd, and then we wrap up the month with U.S. Memorial Day weekend. Hold on to your tequila, it’s going to be quite a month (again)! Oh yeah, and Tiburones baseball is back!

Speaking of tequila and fiestas, let’s get to the weekend rundown!

3 de mayo

4×4 folk got together this morning at 8 a.m. for the Rocky Point Times’ annual Spring El Golfo Run! Next run will be in the Fall – check with Sandy and Tom for details (rptimes.com)

Dia de la Santa Cruz – 6 p.m. traditional celebrations just one block beyond the Curios Market (“Rodeo Drive”) Open to the community! Traditional dances and more, honoring bricklayers and others in construction.

Check out the Plaza la Madre around 5 p.m. (next to baseball stadium) for a presentation of young artists and talent. Students will be participating in art workshops throughout the day, showing off their work beginning at approximately 5.

CBSC Fishing Derby casts off for the third round of the yearly fishing tournament. Head over to the dock next to JJ’s Cantina to get in on the action. Final round of Derby coming up Memorial Day weekend, plus Fish Fry!

Fiesta-Biker-Rocky-Point-Riders-2012-4-620x413 5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!Beach Biker Fest – The Rocky Point Riders are hitting the beach with their bikes from May 3 – 5 with contests, rock music, chica biker, bike show and more. Watch for bikers around town and most activities held at the Concha del Mar Campground (on the way to Playa Bonita). Info: Facebook.com/RockyPointRiders

4 de mayo

8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Begin the morning with a Garage Sale at JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay for the yearly activities of the Santa Claus Club (Note: Chili cook-off date moved to June 1).

9 a.m.  Sand Castle competition!  Yes, in case you were looking for the sandcastles last week and didn’t find them, that’s because the competition was moved to this Saturday, May 4th! (Sorry)  Join the local Architectural Association and organizers from Fiestas del Desierto for this 2nd round of sandcastle construction following a great turn-out last Fall.

Oh yeah, it’s the Kentucky Derby and at the American Legion it’s All About the Hat! Post time approx.. 3:24 p.m. (Peñasco time) The American Legion invites people to “gussy up, adorn that hat and head to the American Legion for the Hat Contest” Then stay and enjoy the greatest 2 minute race in the world! Hat judging around 3 p.m. so get their early! The American Legion is located in the Mirador, up the block from Pink Cadillac and below Los Juanes. Info: rdisbeachin@yahoo.com

4 p.m. – 9 p.m.  5 de Mayo Fiesta at Plaza del Camarón – Vida Joven Fundraiser to benefit youth activities in Peñasco. Food! Live Music! Ballet Folklorico! Silent Auction! Reenactment of the Battle of Puebla!tequila-fest-2013-403x620 5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!

6 p.m. – 11 p.m. 2nd Annual TEQUILA FEST!  The local chapter of the National Restaurants Association (CANIRAC) brings its second celebration of mariachi, tequila, and traditional Mexican Fiesta back to the creatively managed open air amphitheater located just to the left right before entering the Old Port. This colorful esplanade, where lights will reflect off the rocky backdrop through the night, will be filled with tequila samplings, margarita contest, ballet folklorico, food, mariachi, and fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!  Tickets 100 pesos at entry, children under 12 FREE!

5 de mayo

8 a.m. Cycling route in honor of 5 de mayo celebrations. The Municipal Sports Institute along with the local Pentathlon club invite the community out by to “the ovalo” for a family-friendly bike morning. The “ovalo” is part of the sports complex area located just to the side of the baseball stadium as you head toward Blvd. Josefa Ortiz.

Around town

Pinacate!   Hours for the Visitors Center and Pinacate entrance are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and recommendations are for morning visitors to stop by the Visitors Center first (with its newly installed museum pieces) and take in their interpretative trails and spectacular views over ancient lava flows. Then, continue along with a visit to the Pinacate craters (entry pass is valid for both spots). Cost $50 pesos visitors, $25 pesos Peñasco residents.

Movies!  www.citicinemas.com  Select city, and once in Puerto Peñasco select “cartelera” (movie times) *subject to change*. Sub = subtitled (generally with Spanish subtitles) Dob = Dubbed in Spanish.

CEDO!  The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans in Las Conchas offers unique ways to explore the desert and Sea of Cortez with ecotours like kayaking, a tour through the Morua estuary, and tidepool tours. Help out CEDO’s Recycling program as they are collecting: inkjet cartridges, cell phones/pagers/PDAs, iPods/MP3 players, iPads/tablets, eBook readers, digital/video cameras, mobile hot spots, GPS & radar detectors, calculators, video games & accessories, video game consoles, and video game handhelds (Drop off location also at CEDO site in Tucson: 4560 E. Broadway, Suite 220  Contact: sherie@cedointercultural.org)

baseball-tiburones-estadio-leon-garcia-poster-478x620 5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!Baseball! Check Tiburones baseball schedule . Next home games coming up May 7th – 9th

Looking Ahead

May 10  Mother’s Day in Mexico

May 14  Uncommon Women on Common Ground Special guest – Rocky Point 360! Info: penascowomen@gmail.com

May 15 – 19  Uniting Nations Cup at Peninsula course of Mayan Palace

May 18  Mermaid’s Art Market in Plaza del Camarón – last for the Spring season…see all you Mermaids again in the Fall

May 18  Tequila 125 Off Road racing (SADR)

May 25  Sonoran Resorts 2nd Las Vegas Charity Night! Tickets now available at Sonoran Resorts! Plus, be sure to ask about the charity poker game!!

May 25 – 27 Final round of the CBSC Fishing Derby + Fish Fry on Sunday, May 26th!

May 31  7th Anniversary Las Palomas Golf Tournament


June 1 Día de la Marina

June 1  JJ’s Cantina Chili cook-off

June 4th Rocky Point 360 presents music of Cuernavaca/Mexico City musician Alfonso Maya here in Puerto Peñasco! Tickets and info coming soon!

June 6 – 9, 2013 Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers  Circus Mexicus XXII  !!!!

Final13CMhorizontalMXlowres-620x371 5 de mayo ¡Viva la Weekend Rundown!

Father’s Day weekend – Fishing Tournament!

Coming in July –  Rubber Ducky Race fundraiser for Adopt a Classroom

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