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May 19, 2019


2019 Spring Break tourism exceeds expectations in Rocky Point!

By José Antonio Pérez Approximately 110,000 tourists in all visited Puerto Peñasco over the two main weeks of Spring Break 2019, generating economic revenue of over 117 million pesos (6.5 million USD) and exceeding expectations of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV). OCV President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado emphasized most visitors filled the town […]

15 million pesos contemplated for beach improvements

By José Antonio Pérez Luis César García González, Operational Coordinator for ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime Land Zone), reported Puerto Peñasco presented the ZOFEMAT Technical Committee with a 15 million peso investment proposal to go toward beach improvement projects. The funds, he detailed, represent resources yet to be used from income collected from the Federal Zone. The […]

Rotary Club grant aims to provide drinking water to public schools

By José Antonio Pérez and Shandra Keesecker-Rivero With March 22nd heralded as World Water Day, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to share progress on this much-anticipated water plant. In addition, for Rotary International, March is known as Water and Sanitation Month. A water purifying plant, meant to supply free drinking water to public schools […]

Forbes Magazine places Puerto Peñasco among Top 10 Spring Break Destinations Of 2019

By José Antonio Pérez Puerto Peñasco has appeared in Forbes Magazine’s “Top 10 Spring Break Destinations Of 2019” list, further positioning our seaside port among international tourist destinations.  With this news, Sonora Tourism Promotion Coordinator Armando Ceceña Salido noted this means efforts made by State and Municipal administrations, as well as the Convention and Visitors […]

29,000 tourists visited Puerto Peñasco during first weekend of Spring Break

By José Antonio Pérez The Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV) reported occupancy rates across town reached 77% during the first weekend of Spring Break, with many hotels at full capacity.  This translates to approximately 29 thousand tourists, detailed Lizette Ibarra, OCV Director. Ibarra also noted overall expectations were met, though the weather was […]

World Kidney Day walk to raise kidney care awareness

By José Antonio Pérez World Kidney Day (March 14th)in Puerto Peñasco was celebrated with an awareness walk, which started at Plaza la Madre with close to one hundred participants, along Benito Juarez Blvd. with a police escort as they made their way to the local Dialysis Unit. Men, women, and children participated in the event, […]

Puerto Peñasco – Arizona Liaison Office aims to strengthen relationships

By José Antonio Pérez Just as the Sonora-Arizona Commission reaches its 60 year anniversary this year, legislators from Arizona and Puerto Peñasco have opened a liaison office in Puerto Peñasco with the goal of strengthening relationships and coordinating to better promote development, investment, and jobs. The ribbon cutting ceremony, which took place March 8th at […]

US Consul – Virtual Agency March 14th!

VIRTUAL CONSULAR AGENCY OFFICE HOURS Please remember upcoming office hours on March 14 and connect with the Consulate General in Nogales via Skype!  This is a free service, designed to increase communication between American citizens in Puerto Peñasco and the American Citizen Services staff in Nogales.  If you have questions or concerns that you’d like […]

Red Tide alert again for bivalve mollusks

By José Antonio Pérez For a third year in row, a ban on bivalve mollusks has been declared due to possible intoxication from a “Red Tide” in the Golf of California. Decina Torres, head of the Health Control Unit for the State Commission on Health Risk Protection (COESPRISSON), explained the closure is only partial and […]

Sonora Public Safety Secretary reinforces Puerto Peñasco during 2019 Spring Break

By José Antonio Pérez With the arrival of over 100,000 tourists to Puerto Peñasco over Spring Break, Sonora Public Safety Secretary David Anaya Cooley confirms they will be reinforcing the municipality with extra security in terms of agents, units, and equipment. State and municipal authorities are coordinating to visit beaches and other urban areas of […]

Convention and Visitors Bureau contributes to road safety

By Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau With the goal of contributing to better roadways while increasing overall safety and awareness, the president of the Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV), Hector Vazquez del Mercado, recently presented a total of 40 traffic signs to the city, including Stop signs, Speed Limits, as well as […]

Tickets on sale for cruise through Sea of Cortez

By José Antonio Perez The very first cruise boat, to launch from Puerto Peñasco on December 7th, is the perfect opportunity to attract national and international tourists to Sonora, deemed Hector Platt Mazón, sub-coordinator of operations for the State Tourism Promotion Commission (COFETUR). Platt Mazon explained tickets for the 11-day cruises are now on sale, […]

February snow dusting of Pinacate

By Azucena Mazón The Pinacate mountain range provided a delightful snowy surprise on February 22nd, following a significant drop in temperatures. Photographs and commentary about the phenomena immediately hit social networks across Puerto Peñasco, shared by those who had the opportunity to capture the highest peaks covered in snow. According to information from staff at […]