Crossing the Border

Border hours & Wait Times

Border Hours and Wait Time in Luckeville, AZ: What You Need to Know Check here for Border Wait Times Border hours and wait times at Lukeville, AZ, is a topic of interest for anyone planning to cross the border between the United States and Mexico. The Lukeville Port of Entry is a popular crossing point […]

What food can I bring into Mexico?

What food can I bring to Rocky Point? [version Nov. 2019] By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero  (Last updated, Nov 25, 2019) The SENASICA office (National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality) of SEGARPA (Secretary of Agriculture, Ranching, Rural Development, Fishing and Feed) defines what type of food you are permitted to bring across the border.  Prior […]

Passports are required for reentry to the U.S.

For crossing back into the U.S. by land – IMPORTANT!!: As of June 1, 2009 a passport or passport card is required for returning to the U.S under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. U.S. Border Crossing Requirements Have Changed- Make sure you are compliant today! Simplify your travel checklist! Started on June 1, 2009, U.S. […]

TAP Royal starts bus connection between Peñasco – Phoenix

By José Antonio Pérez As of September 28th, there’s a new option connecting Puerto Peñasco to Phoenix by land with the launch of bus service by TAP Royal International.  Keith Rosenblum, international liaison for TAP, noted while TAP already provides various connections between the US and Mexico, the Peñasco route is a pilot project and […]

Temporary importation of watercraft

Per provisions of the Secretary of the Treasury, all recreational and sports boats measuring 4.5 meters (14.7” ft.) or more in length (yachts, catamarans, sail boats, etc.) coming into Mexico must follow guidelines regarding temporary importation, which is then valid for 10 years. The customs/sea vessel section on the site details requirements for temporary […]

Ahoy! Temporary Import Permits for Sea Vessels

Sea vessels measuring 14.7 ft. (4.5 meters) or more brought across border must obtain temporary permit when crossing into Mexico By Azucena Mazón and Shandra Keesecker Following new provisions of the Secretary of the Treasury, all recreational and sports boats measuring 4.5 meters (14.7” ft.) or more in length (yachts, catamarans, sail boats, etc.) coming […]

Emergency Numbers

# 066  Emergencies   # 068 Fire (For #s in Mexico, when dialing from the U.S., dial: 011-52-638 + the number) Police station / Seguridad Pública       383-2626 or 383 1616 Fire Department / Bomberos              383 2828 Red Cross / Cruz Roja                           383 2266 Harbor Master / Capitán del Puerto  383 3035 Naval Sector                                           383 2603 Navy […]

Declarations entering Mexico

Driving into Mexico When crossing into Mexico by car you must select which lane to enter, though at the Lukeville/Sonoyta crossing this generally means one lane and either proceeding straight if you have “Nothing to Declare” or turning left for “Voluntary Declaration” BEFORE the inspection gate. If doing the Voluntary Declaration, turn left prior to […]

Travel services & assistance – Fines, policia, y más

By Azucena Mazón & Shandra Keesecker-Rivero When vacationing in destinations such as Puerto Peñasco, a situation for visitors that may arise is not knowing precisely what to do in the event of being stopped by the police, paying fines, or even in the event of being detained or arrested. Although this tourist destination is close […]

Travel tips

Updated Feb. 19, 2015 If you’re heading to Rocky Point soon or planning a run over the border for Spring Break, we hope you find these driving tips useful. Travel Tips: Bring your Passport or Passport Card! Yes, a U.S. Passport is required to return to the U.S. (Minors under 16 can travel with birth […]

What food can I bring to Mexico?

Can I bring a turkey to Mexico?  Or …What food can I bring to Rocky Point, version Nov. 2013 By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero The time has come once again when everyone begins to wonder about bringing turkeys or other holiday favorites to Mexico. Before we begin, please keep in mind frozen turkeys and holiday hams are […]

Travel Options & Shuttles

General location: Puerto Peñasco is nestled in the northwestern corner of the Mexican state of Sonora, on Mexican highway #8 approximately 65 miles from the Lukeville, AZ/ Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) border crossing. It is important to note the Lukeville/Sonoyta border entry is closed from midnight until 6 a.m. Puerto Peñasco can also be easily […]

Head Out to Rocky Point! More than a ride

While carefully navigating over the roads from Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco, it is common to come across sleek white vans – often with a travel trailer in tow – brandishing an invitation to all to “Head Out to Rocky Point.” Pinning down a time to sit and chat with Head Out owners Lynelle (formally Mitschele) and […]

Ready Lane

The Ready Lane program of the US Customs and Border Protection has been up and running at the Lukeville entry since the Spring of 2011.  With Ready Lane, Travelers with approved Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) travel documents now have exclusive access to a special vehicle lane. Approved Ready Lane documents […]

Mexican car insurance & car permits

Car insurance and permits While some U.S. insurance companies do extend their comprehensive and collision coverage into Mexico, none of these offers Liability coverage in Mexico, which is required by law.  You can purchase Mexican Insurance online prior to travel, as well as over the phone or at numerous spots along the drive down (for example […]