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June 20, 2019

whale watching

Almost whale watching time? Are you ready?

In their winter search for food, while also training their young, every year two types of whales frequently near our shores for a short period of time. Luckily, thanks to a number of whalewatching “cruises”, we often get a chance to enjoy the winter-visiting creatures during their journey through the Sea of Cortez.  Deemed as […]

The Whales are Back!

For about a week now, the whales have let themselves be seen around the coasts of Puerto Peñasco, much to the admiration of fishermen and tourists. In recent years, one of the greatest winter attractions for the city has been whale watching. This usually begins sometime in January and lasts through about March, though at […]

Puerto Peñasco’s yearly Whale Watching opportunities!

In recent years Puerto Peñasco has offered the natural spectacle of whale watching opportunities just off shore. Generally, January marks the beginning of the first whale sightings in the area, particularly for fin whales and humpbacks. This year, it wasn’t until February 2nd when the “whale watching season” began after numerous humpbacks were spotted about […]

Whale, whaddya know? Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This weekend rundown sponsored by Rocky Point Best They’re back! That’s right, the whales are back! On February 2nd, Oscar “Whale Whisperer” Preciado of Del Mar Charters let us all know his crew, along with photographer Tony Ballesteros, had spotted whales just about 10 miles off shore. A quick chat with Eco Fun Rentals just […]

Whale watching in Rocky Point!

RP360: Following weeks of anticipation, on the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2016, Oscar Preciado of Del Mar Charters was happy to announce the winter whales were back! This opens up a great opportunity for whale watching trips on local boats. Just last year, who can forget the incredible picture of a local SUP-boarder’s up close […]

2015 Whale Watching Options

The 2015 whale watching season is officially underway in Puerto Peñasco and is making quite a ripple. On January 8th, “whale whisperer” Captain Oscar of Del Mar Charters shared a video of the season’s first fin whales spotted near Las Conchas, which was quickly followed up by a second video featuring SUP enthusiast Brad Olson […]

World class whale watching in Puerto Peñasco

We are seeing whales like never before. Why? By Richard Scott “Welcome aboard, we set sail in ten minutes.” Captain Oscar (of Del Mar Charters) idles the engines of the Tempo, while his assistant helps a group of Canadians onto the boat. “Fin Whales are awesome, massive. The second largest mammal on the planet. They’ve […]

Puerto Peñasco Whale Watching

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero From approximately January through early April, when looking out from Puerto Peñasco over the Sea of Cortez one may find themselves spotting a spout or two during whale watching season. Last year, February sightings of whales nearby offered a wealth of spectacular photographs and stories of adventure.  We have learned sightings in […]

A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!

It began with a ripple. In the past week, many have spouted off accounts of whale sightings just off the shores of Puerto Peñasco. Sonoran Resort blogger Joe Houchin recently reported on the amazing display of whale-ry near the sands of Sandy Beach, “…not for just a fleeting moment, not just a glimpse on a […]