A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!

whale-tail-MO-620x349 A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!
Photo: Mark Olszewski

It began with a ripple. In the past week, many have spouted off accounts of whale sightings just off the shores of Puerto Peñasco. Sonoran Resort blogger Joe Houchin recently reported on the amazing display of whale-ry near the sands of Sandy Beach, “…not for just a fleeting moment, not just a glimpse on a Sunday afternoon, but all afternoon Sunday and all afternoon Monday (Jan. 27th & 28th), spouts of sea water shot 30 feet into the air announcing the presence of either a blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet or the fin whale, second largest mammal.”

Another amazing story comes from local resident Mark Olszewski (Just add Saltwater) who exclaimed after a whale adventure on Feb. 1st, “…17 years of going out to sea looking for whales and this is the first time I saw a 40 foot whale coming completely out of the water…!!”

gato-loco-whale-adventure-620x348 A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!
Photo: Mark Olszewski

What Mark had seen was captured by Gillie Panasewicz who was on the 38-foot Gato Loco catamaran nearby. On Feb. 2nd, Panasewicz’s photos hit the air and Facebook, then went viral after being featured in a news report on Fox Phoenix KSAZ Whale Encounter Captured on Camera and featured on AZCentral 

gillie-panasewicz-feb-2013-whale-620x413 A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!
Photo: Gillie Panasewicz

Gracias, Gillie, for your amazing photos – more of which we’re told can be found on Facebook at Rocky Point Mexico Fishing 

So grab a boat and a camera, and head to the sea! Puerto Peñasco is making a splash this February for sure!




  1. They are great photos and now they have also been shown in Tucson during the 10:00 news by our good friend Dan Marries the local anchor up there. Thanks again Gillie for the awesome shots

  2. Amazingly Beautiful!

    It reminds me one day me working at Mayan Palace Resort. I was on last floor of the Tallest tower, when I was standing on the terrace of a room, enjoying the view of the Sea of Cortez, when suddenldy 4 shadows appear in the water, the day was calm and clear to see the green turquois water..I realized that those 4 shadows in the water were not very familiar and just right away I remember our good friends of LOVO DEL MAR CHARTERS that had told me that was Whale Watching Season.. and YES! it was.. they came out to exhale and blow wwater in the air.. such an amazing memento that was breath taking to experience that. I called the maid to join me to see that beautiful gift from nature and god.

    I wish I was closer but I couldn’t ask more for that day!

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