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May 19, 2019

red tide

Red Tide alert again for bivalve mollusks

By José Antonio Pérez For a third year in row, a ban on bivalve mollusks has been declared due to possible intoxication from a “Red Tide” in the Golf of California. Decina Torres, head of the Health Control Unit for the State Commission on Health Risk Protection (COESPRISSON), explained the closure is only partial and […]

Oysters? Yes, dig in! Red Tide alert lifted

The harvesting of oysters (and bivalve mollusks in general) in Morua Estuary is once again permitted after a Spring Red Tide health advisory was lifted on April 27th.  Water samples taken in the area indicate toxins are back within allowable limits, meaning no health risks involved. The State Commission on the Protection of Health Risks […]

Precautionary Red Tide Alert remains in effect for Morua Estuary

Samples taken April 3rd from waters in the Morua polygon continue to show high levels of toxins following a “red tide” alert issued in mid-February. This means a precautionary ban on the extraction or consumption of bivalve mollusks remains in effect for that area.  This principally impacts the extraction, production, sale, and consumption of clams, […]

Partial Red Tide alert still in effect

By José Antonio Pérez The red tide health alert on bivalve mollusks issued in mid-February remains partially in effect, reported Carlos Decina Torres, Head of Municipal Health Control.  He detailed warnings continue to impact fisheries in what is known as the “Morua Estuary Polygon”, pertaining to oysters, clams, and scallops due to the presence of […]

Red Tide alert 2018 for bivalve mollusks

By José Antonio Pérez The Sonoran Secretary of Health has issued a precautionary health advisory on bivalve mollusks in Puerto Peñasco, Caborca, and Huatabampo due to a “red tide” (marea roja) alert.  State Health Protection Commissioner Franccisco Alberto Genesta Leyva detailed this includes bans on the extraction, production, sale and consumption of bivalve mollusks during […]

Bugs, water, and oysters – RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

Pinacate insects do not represent health concerns By José Antonio Perez April 21, 2017.  The recent abundance of insects locally known as Pinacates (black stink bugs) do not represent any health risks in the city, affirms Alberto Aldrete Germán, Municipal Health Coordinator.  He noted the increased numbers stem from the insect’s natural reproduction cycle, which […]

Oysters back on the plate! RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

End to ban on bivalve mollusks By José Antonio Perez April 7, 2017.  The ban on sale or consumption of bivalve mollusks, which had been in place since the end of January, has finally been lifted by the State Commission Health Risk Protection (COESPRISSON). The ban had impacted consumption of bivalve mollusks (oysters, clams, mussels, […]

Try the shrimp! Oysters still off limits!

By José Antonio Perez Though recent monitoring in the area has noted a reduction in toxins caused by the “marea roja” (red tide) at sea, health risks remain, which is why the Health Control office has not lifted a ban on the sale or consumption of bivalve mollusks. Health Control Unit Director Carlos Decina Torres […]