Red Tide alert again for bivalve mollusks

By José Antonio Pérez

marea-roja2-630x873 Red Tide alert again for bivalve mollusks

For a third year in row, a ban on bivalve mollusks has been declared due to possible intoxication from a “Red Tide” in the Golf of California.

Decina Torres, head of the Health Control Unit for the State Commission on Health Risk Protection (COESPRISSON), explained the closure is only partial and currently applies solely to oysters, clams, scallop, and other bivalve mollusks from the Morua Estuary, and not La Cinita.

The health official clarified while there have been no reports of contaminated mollusks in Puerto Peñasco, nor of anyone getting sick, all dining establishments have been advised of the present concerns.  The health alert will be lifted as soon as health officials are certain there is no risk to consumers’ health.



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