1st Red Tide alert on bivalve mollusks 2020  

By José Antonio Pérez

The head of the Puerto Peñasco Sanitation Control Unit, Carlos Decina Torres, reports due to toxins produced by what is known as a “red tide”, the State Health Secretary has issued a precautionary alert on bi-valve mollusks in Puerto Peñasco.  This includes the prohibition of extraction, production, sale, and consumption of mollusks originating from the Morua Estuary, and includes clams, oysters, and mussels.

Carlos Decina made it clear that no contaminated mollusks have been found in the city, nor have there been any reports of intoxicated people in Puerto Peñasco.

The Sanitation Control Unit will continue to take samples from the estuary in order to determine when the waters are free of toxins so they can lift the present alert; samples are routinely taken to ensure that only sanitary products reach Puerto Peñasco businesses and homes.

He also highlighted the closure is merely a preventive measure, duration of which will be defined by the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COESPRISSON) once they are certain there aren’t any risks to consumers’ health



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