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June 16, 2019


Discounts on early water payments for 2019

By José Antonio Pérez OOMAPAS (Water Utility service) consumers are being granted incentives in the form of discounts on advance payments made during the first four months of 2019.  Administrative Director Jorge Pivac Carrillo detailed these discounts entail 15% off for payments made in January and February, and 10% off for payments made in March […]

Water break in main line impacts city

By José Antonio Perez / Shandra Keesecker-Rivero Though repair work has been continuous throughout the week, nearly all of Puerto Peñasco was left without water on Monday, April 10th after a stretch along the main 30” water line serving the city burst near the intersection of Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Blvd. Juarez, and the […]

OOMAPAS offers discounts on water payments

By José Antonio Perez Jan. 11, 2017.  Other than a 3% adjustment due to inflation, local water rates did not rise in 2017, announced Hesdín Soto Lizarraga, Director of Municipal Water, Sewage, and Sanitation (OOMAPAS).  In addition, those current with their water bills will receive a 15% discount for timely payments in 2017. This incentive […]

City continues investment in comprehensive rehabilitation of water lines

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. August 23, 2016.  Water pressure and overall water supply will continue to improve significantly in coming days following installation of a new engine and pumping equipment to city well No. 1, reports Water Department (OOMAPAS) Administrative Director Jorge Pivac Carrillo. Pivac Carrillo detailed work would take two days to complete, therefore by […]

Water Department aware of concerns

Aug. 4th “The Municipal Potable Water, Drainage, and Sewage Office (OOMAPAS) reports two wells are currently being rehabilitated, one at Ejido Kennedy and another at Ejido Agua Zarca, due to damage caused by strong rains in recent days that impacted two additional wells. Therefore, there may exist low pressure and water shortages in some parts […]

Positive response to “Borrón y Cuenta Nueva” at Water Department

Throughout the month of October, the “Clean Slate” (Borrón y Cuenta Nueva) program is in effect at the local Water Department (OOMAPAS). The program, which was part of the campaign platform of Mayor Kiko Munro, aims to assist residents with outstanding water bills by forgiving debt while taking steps to ensure timely payments in the […]

Water woes – Community urged to pay water bills

The entire community of Puerto Peñasco is being urged to pay their water bills after collections at the Water Department fell by 75% recently. In just the past week, this dire situation led the Electric Company (CFE) to shut down electricity to the offices of the Water Company (OOMAPAS) and to at least three of […]

Water Department bike race to raise conservation awareness

In encouraging people to stay active, while raising awareness about caring for our surroundings and natural resources, the Peñasco Water Department (OOMAPAS) will be holding their first Water Conservation Cycling Race on Sunday, November 23rd. The family oriented race is being developed as part of National Conservation Week and will depart 8 a.m. from the […]

Water alert for Thursday – Aug. 14

The Puerto Peñasco Municipal Water Department (OOMAPAS) reports that practically the entire city will experience water shortages on Thursday, August 14th as supply wells will be turned off for maintenance work by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). OOMAPAS Director Héctor Acosta Félix explains given this situation everyone is asked to store up water on Wednesday, […]

Water department offers discounts to come see their new offices!

Promoting timely water payments, while showing off the new Water Department facilities, is the principal goal of the promotional campaign “Come and see our offices,” announced OOMAPAS Director Héctor Acosta Félix. Acosta Félix indicated the entire community of Puerto Peñasco is invited to visit the new offices so they can personally see how resources are […]

Pipe burst may impact parts of city Saturday

By Azucena Mazón A water burst in a 30″ pipe led to a lack of water in some neighborhoods of Puerto Peñasco on Saturday, June 22nd, while staff from OOMAPAS (City Water) worked to repair the damage and regularize service. Héctor Acosta Félix, director of OOMAPAS (Municipal Water, Sewage, and Sanitation Office), stated the burst […]

Weekend water woes don’t dampen overall spirits

The multitude of people who streamed into Puerto Peñasco this past US Memorial Day Weekend were met with a bit of wind, spectacular sunshine, terrific beaches, and in some cases a lack of water due to a burst pipe that occurred just as the crowds were making their way to town.  Rental and property management […]