Water alert for Thursday – Aug. 14

The Puerto Peñasco Municipal Water Department (OOMAPAS) reports that practically the entire city will experience water shortages on Thursday, August 14th as supply wells will be turned off for maintenance work by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

OOMAPAS Director Héctor Acosta Félix explains given this situation everyone is asked to store up water on Wednesday, as possible, while also using water only for basic needs.

He detailed the work, which consists of relocating one of the CFE substations, is being done for future impact in catch and pump areas located in the Kennedy and Agua Zarca ejidos.

Acosta Félix reiterated that due to CFE maintenance work, water shortages will be felt on Thursday and this is a situation that is out of OOMAPAS’ control. He once again emphasized recommendations for the community to store water on Wednesday in preparation for the shortages.

The OOMAPAS Director apologized in advance for any problems the well work may cause, noting this is a completely fortuitous case and one that will be addressed and resolved promptly, per the program presented by CFE.

Acosta Félix stated maintenance work is expected to be completed on the same day (Thursday) with normal water service expected by Friday.



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