Water woes – Community urged to pay water bills

The entire community of Puerto Peñasco is being urged to pay their water bills after collections at the Water Department fell by 75% recently.

In just the past week, this dire situation led the Electric Company (CFE) to shut down electricity to the offices of the Water Company (OOMAPAS) and to at least three of the 11 water wells that supply Peñasco. Later in the week, this suspension was lifted as people began paying bills, though the possibility of such a shut down still remains.

Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta stresses the need for everyone to become current with outstanding water bills to help prevent more wells being shut down, noting the monthly bill of the Water Company to CFE tops 4.6 million pesos.

The shutting down of city wells affects not only water pressure within the city but also supplies to resorts and various neighborhoods.

The reduction in payments has had a considerable impact on the income of the Water Company which had been collecting up to 120,000 pesos daily in past weeks, which then dropped to barely 20,000 pesos per day.

The Water Company offices are located just behind the IMSS General Hospital in the neighborhood of Brisas del Golfo (Ave. Río Bravo between Ave. Marcelo Pino and Ave. Oriente.



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