#supportlocalbusiness Rocky Point Rundown

Well, we sure didn’t think Spring would roll into Puerto Peñasco like this. As we followed word of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that has been spreading across the globe since early this year, and knew first cases of it were detected in Mexico on just February 28th, our focus turned more towards revisiting how to wash our hands and twisting our arms into an elbow cough.

Yet, here we are. Not three full weeks after the first cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Mexico, we’ve gone beyond washing hands and not hugging or kissing people when we greet them (which culturally here has been quite a chore) to recommendations from State and Municipal officials to show solidarity with efforts of Health authorities by Staying at Home “Quédate En Casa”.

The health campaign #QuedateEnCasa was launched by the Sonoran Health Department, under instruction of Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, this week in response to the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Sonora on Monday, March 16th.

In showing solidarity with health steps of the various authorities, several restaurants are offering curbside pick-up, take-out, and delivery options.  Some  establishments in town are choosing to remain open until further notice, some by spacing folks out a bit more than usual, and all stepping up rigorous cleaning.

So, this week’s rundown is more about supporting our local economy by considering options and trying the various dishes Puerto Peñasco still has to offer!  We are working to compile as much info from what we’ve found so far, though be sure to check with your favorite spot to see what they are offering in dining room / take-out/ pick-up and how we can help each other stay afloat.  Also #washyourhands #quedateencasa   Let’s get through this together…though apart.

Capt’n Manuels (Mirador above American Legion): 638 688 3083  Will be delivering to your door step. Check for posted menu

The Satisfied Frog: 638 388 5042 Curbside pick-up in the Old Port   *Note: all March events cancelled

satisfied-frog-1 #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Tamales by Linda & Javier 638 384 4428 or 638 386 1660  delivery

Chef Mickey’s: 388 9500  Dining room service w/limited table seating

chef-mickeys #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Al Capone’s Seafood & Pizzeria:  638 388 6737   Pick up

capones #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Banditos: If you’re doing the social distancing thing, call +52 1 638 382 8529 or private message us on FB to place a takeout order  (no delivery at the moment)

Moonshadow Café @ Plaza Pelicanos:  open / take-out / delivery  638 388 8415

La Belle by CoffeePoint:  Open with pick-up options available 638 388 5771

labelle #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Friendly Dolphin: Delivery 638 383 2608

Hunters & Fishers: 638 688 3524  cel: 638 125 9483  curbside pick-up / dining room presently open

hunters-and-fishers #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Mare Blu Ristorante: 638 383 0605  Now you can order to go – or pickup  4 pm – 10 pm

mare-blu #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Sushi Sun: 638 383 2772  Take-out and delivery

sushi-sun #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Pollo Papago: Take out only  12 pm – 7 pm  closed on Tuesdays Av. Constitución 47   (Xpress Delivery will deliver to you  – call Joe @ 638 107 6078)

Mama Mia Pizza – delivery service  638 125 4760

El Tapeo Wine Bar: 638 380 5017 for pick-up  Presently still opening at 5 pm

el-tapeo #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Pollo Lucas: 638 383 8172   Order for pick-up  (closed Wednesdays)

Jerry’s Tacos: Delivery (packet with all the trimmings for 4)  638 115 0983

jerrys-tacos #supportlocalbusiness  Rocky Point Rundown

Sr. Amigo in the Old Port: Take out and curbside pick up 638 383 5710 / 638 116 0230



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