Peñasco lifeguards prepared for return of tourists

By José Antonio Pérez

Once the return of tourists to Puerto Peñasco is declared, a team of at least nine lifeguards are ready to set up positions across Puerto Peñasco’s generally busiest beaches, detailed Civil Protection Director and Fire Chief Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz.

The local head of Civil Protection noted certified agency staff is prepared to respond timely to any situation once the current coronavirus health emergency subsides.  He explained his agency is coordinated with the Navy and the local Tourism Auxiliary Unit to ensure lifeguard presence particularly along Playa Hermosa (extending in front of Peñasco del Sol Hotel) and Playa Bonita. He added the tourism resort developments further along Sandy Beach are responsible for their own lifeguards.

Carrillo Ruiz stated after Puerto Peñasco’s beaches reopen, Civil Protection will make sure access points are not blocked in order to ensure entry for emergency vehicles. His agency will place lifeguards in strategic locations, along with ambulances, aquatic rescue equipment and paramedics, while the Navy will assist as appropriate by making beach rounds, as well as use of aquatic units that monitor the coast.



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