Planning ahead for reopening of beaches

By José Antonio Pérez

Given the eventual reopening of Puerto Peñasco’s beaches, work is underway to develop a strategic plan to minimize health and ecological repercussions once this occurs, stated Luis César García González, local Director of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT).

García González stressed a date has not yet been set for when Puerto Peñasco’s beaches will reopen to recreational and leisure activities, given that decision comes directly from the Federal Government. However, they still must be prepared because sooner or later activity will resume along our coasts.

García González detailed among steps to prepare for reopening area beaches is that of modifying cleaning protocols, as most of the waste collected could represent a high risk for the novel coronavirus. Steps also include training beach vendors as to how to deal with clients due to health protocols, limiting entrances to beaches, as well as possible use of a sanitizing tunnel, among other efforts.

The local ZOFEMAT Director believed the reopening of beaches, as has been the case with other activities, will be done gradually and safely, as the novel coronavirus will remain latent.

Though Puerto Peñasco’s beaches have been closed since mid-March, García González noted that clean-up efforts have persisted as the sea has continued to wash out waste.  He detailed those that have received consistent care include Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Sandy Beach, La Cholla, Mi Playa, El Mirador, and La Bajada (boat launch area), along with access spots and parking areas near the beach.



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