Eyes set on new clean beach certifications

Goal to promote culture of ecology and sustainability

In 2021, a stretch of Sandy Beach (extending from Playa Bonita to the third phase of Las Palomas) received Clean Beach recertification for a fourth consecutive year. Along with this feat, detailed Luis Cesar Garcia Gonzalez, director of the Federal Maritime and Land (Zofemat), the city is seeking to obtain additional certification for a variety of spots along Puerto Peñasco’s coastlines, including Islas del Mar.

islas-del-mar-development-1200x675 Eyes set on new clean beach certifications

Garcia Gonzalez explained the most recent environmental audit, which took place a few weeks ago, corroborated that Puerto Peñasco’s existing certified clean beaches comply with National Beach Sustainability Standards. If the new project is a success, which encompasses a stretch of beach at Islas del Mar, this will become the nation’s longest officially certified beach.

islas-del-mar-playa Eyes set on new clean beach certifications

The local ZOFEMAT director emphasized having sustainable clean beaches provides a competitive edge to the city on the international forefront, while improving the overall image of the destination.

It’s worth noting that in 2020, Puerto Peñasco also received its first Blue Flag recognition for a stretch of beach in front of Manny’s in the Mirador.



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