What’s Clean Beach Certification?

In March 2017, Puerto Peñasco received the honor of obtaining Clean Beach Certification for a 1500 meter lineal stretch of coastline extending from Playa Bonita Hotel to Las Palomas on Sandy Beach.  This September, a second environmental audit is planned to corroborate upholding of Mexican Beach Sustainability Norms.   Yet, what’s Clean Beach Certification?

Twelve things you need to know about Sandy Beach’s certification as a Clean Beach

Here are some worthwhile points to know about the process of certification and what it means for the area:

  1. It is the first certified clean beach in the state of Sonora.
  2. Sonora was the only coastal state not to have clean beach certification in Mexico
  3. Puerto Peñasco sought certification for 1500 lineal meters of coastline, meaning this is the longest stretch certified as a clean beach in the entire country.
  4. The auditing body analyzed dozens of reagents, requirements, and details such as carbon particles left after fires, which is now actually prohibited in this area.
  5. As part of the Clean Beach terms, vehicles and horses are prohibited in the certified area to maintain safety of visitors.
  6. Walking pets along the certified clean beach is permitted as long as owners keep pets on a leash and pick up after them.
  7. Every hotel complex included within the certified beach area has installed three garbage/recycling deposits.
  8. Visitors are responsible for their waste in helping to keep the beach clean.
  9. To achieve certification, more than 100 water tests and samples were taken from the area, which provided nearly perfect results, well under permitted bacteria norms.
  10. Currently, there are 3 lifeguard towers placed at strategic positions along the coastline.
  11. There exists a realm of tourism that specifically seeks out “Clean Beach” certified beaches.
  12. Required public beach access via condominium complexes is one of the points not yet resolved, as the majority of complexes do not allow easy public access to their properties.



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