Dolce Vita comes to the neighborhood!

dolce-vita-22 Dolce Vita comes to the neighborhood!We could see preparations going on for weeks. Fresh paint. Bread baskets on the wall. The promise of Italian delights and savory treats! Quaint tables set up next to carefully placed plants are all part of the new restaurant Dolce Vita, a promising venture by Chef Luca of Pane e Vino and his wife Karina.  Call us lucky, but Dolce Vita just so happens to be in the same plaza where we’ve set up office, joining the likes of Limani coffee shop and Yummi Salads. Peeking over the rails from our second-story vantage point, the plaza is beginning to stir up memories of strolling through outdoor-café spotted alleys….gathered into Plaza Pelicanos on the east side of Plaza del Camarón (Shrimp Plaza).

Following years of Pane e Vino’s success just off the railroad tracks on Blvd. Juarez, on Monday, March 24th, Luca Appendino and his wife Karina were joined by friends, family, guests, and eager diners for the opening of this additional offering to delight our palettes in Rocky Point.  An assortment of trays showcased many of the offerings Dolce Vita will be offering…lasagna, bruschetta, individual pizzas, sliders, calamar, pastries, and more.  The smooth sounds of Richard Scott, who can often be found at Luca’s flagship Pane e Vino (particularly for Sunday brunch), filled the plaza as everyone readied for a blessing of the new establishment, and the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.

dolce-vita-11 Dolce Vita comes to the neighborhood!Once inside, we watched Luca carefully maneuver trays of pastries in and out of the kitchen, while one sign nearby proclaims “A party without a cake is just a meeting.” Karina briefly explained Dolce Vita will be open from noon – 9 p.m. every day, yes including Sunday, as they get started.

Half of Dolce Vita is the restaurant, plus the outside patio, while the other half houses a bakery with a large glass display case (with promises to be filled with cakes).  In a quick walk-through one day about a week before the opening, Luca had proudly explained this side of Dolce Vita will offer baguettes, Italian olive oil, and…oh yes, Italian pastries!

Dolce Vita is located in Plaza Pelicanos on Calle Coahuila, East side of Plaza del Camarón and just down from the Fire Department. The Plaza is also located next to the local Chamber of Commerce office (CANACO). Hours:  12 p.m. – 9 p.m. daily

Benvenuti alla Dolce Vita

dolce-vita-31 Dolce Vita comes to the neighborhood!

Por Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

Podíamos observar las preparaciones durante varias semanas, con pintura fresca, canastas colgadas en la pared, que pronto se llenarán con pan, y ¡la promesa de delicias italianas y grandes sabores internacionales!  Unas cuantas mesitas en el patio, y una serie de plantas cuidadosamente organizadas son parte del nuevo restaurante italiano Dolce Vita, un proyecto prometedor del Chef Luca de Pane e Vino y su esposa Karina.  Somos unos suertudos porque ahora, en la misma plaza donde se encuentra nuestra oficina, Dolce Vita se instala al lado de Limani Café y Yummi Salads – asi, desde nuestra vista en el segundo piso, la plaza empieza a parecer a un callejón romantico lleno de mesitas, sombrillas y delicias.

Dolce Vita se encuentra en Plaza Pelicanos, al lado este de la Plaza del Camarón, y con un horario de 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. diario, por lo menos para empezar (así es, incluyendo los domingos).



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