Clam and bivalve mollusk prohibition lifted for some estuaries

High tide @ Peninsula de Cortes

Clams and bivalve mollusks extracted from sea along the stretch between Cerro La Cholla up to CetMar in Las Conchas are once again cleared for consumption or commercialization. (Shrimp, fish, and octopus remain cleared)

According to a release sent by the Sonoran State Health Risk Protection Commission, the temporary prohibition has been lifted for all bivalve mollusks (including clams and mussels) taken from along the coast from La Cholla to Las Conchas. This means these products are once again safe for consumption and commercialized, provided they are taken from the area mentioned.

On the other hand, the prohibition on clams and bivalves remains in effect for Cinita, Cerro Prieto and Morúa Estuaries. In the Morúa estuary (between Las Conchas and Playa Encanto), only oysters can be extracted and consumed.

The Health Control Office of Puerto Peñasco will continue to send water samples from areas still off limits in order to provide information as to when sea products from all the estuaries are once again safe for consumption.

People are encouraged to check with restaurants as to the origin of their clams or bivalves to help prevent getting sick.



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