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November 13, 2019

Vehicle Beach Access to be restricted in La Cholla

By José Antonio Pérez

In an effort to prevent massive car-flooding due to high tides, much as that seen over the recent Semana Santa holiday, restrictions are to go into effect to block vehicle access to the beach in the area of Cholla Bay, reported Luis César García González, local Director of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT).

Nearly 20 days after three dozen cars were impacted by the high tides, and once the high holiday period was over, the ZOFEMAT director detailed his office worked in coordination with Semarnat, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Harbor Master, to establish order in the area.

He clarified vehicle parking already wasn’t allowed on the coastal part of Cholla Bay given the rise in tides that can reach up to the home lots.  Nevertheless, notices are going to be put up and flyers distributed that will both warn against parking in this area, as well applicable fines for doing so.

García González explained 80% of the vehicles that get flooded in Cholla with the high tides actually belong to residents of Puerto Peñasco, who generally should know about tide movements, while the rest belong to visitors.  Even so, measures are being put in place to prevent further flooding incidents.

As many are aware, on April 20th – the day before Easter – the high “spring” tides in Cholla Bay overwhelmed and flooded 32 cars, which quickly became a viral video showing umbrellas and ice chests also floating in the water and people with water up to their waists.

The high tide was not atypical for the zone, and is natural in this area which experiences drastic tide changes every two weeks.



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