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January 24, 2020


By Kathleen “la Tía Katy” Duncan

As many of you know, we recently lost two very special vecinos who also happened to be brothers. Gary and Mark Spray both had huge hearts and loved the community of Puerto Penasco. They were both also dear friends of mine as well as dedicated and generous supporters of my efforts to improve the lives of kids in the community.

Spray-Brothers-Playgroun-Flyer-927x1200 ANNOUNCING: THE MARK AND GARY SPRAY HOMEWORK CLUB!I am devastated to have lost both of these great men and have wanted to find a way to honor them and keep their memory alive in the community of Rocky Point. After discussing ideas with both of their families, AIMpenasco has decided to name our newest homework club “The Gary and Mark Spray” Club. This club is located in an area of tremendous need and our vision is to create a very special, safe and inviting place for the children of this area to enjoy. Projects we have planned include installing a playground and small soccer field, creating a community garden and improving existing classrooms at the site.

Whether you knew Mark and Gary or simply want to contribute toward this effort, over the next several months we be sharing opportunities to donate materials, supplies and funds as well as to volunteer working on the various projects. While all of us at Steps of Love and AIMpenasco are very sad to have lost these great men, it makes us happy to know that their legacy will live on through this very special project that will carry their names and bring joy to so many kids in Peñasco.

Our first phase will be raising funds for and installing an accessible playground at the site. We are thrilled to have two Occupational Therapists who have an organization that works to build playgrounds in areas of high need throughout the world helping us with this playground. (www.outreachtheraplay.org). If any of you are interested in supporting this project you can make a designated donation through www.stepsoflove.org. Just click on the donate button at the top right and then click below where it say “Designation” and select “Gary and Mark Spray Homework Club”

Muchas Gracias!



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