Toma Color 2016 helps equip community “soup kitchen”

toma-color-chavez-1200x675 Toma Color 2016 helps equip community  “soup kitchen”
Photo: Ricardo Chavez

By José Antonio Perez

More than one thousand people of limited means will continue to receive weekly meals following the equipping of the Palabras de Esperanza Community Center in San Rafael with funds raised during the Spring 2016 “Toma Color” Run.

On Saturday morning, October 22nd, members from the Toma Color organizing committee made their way to Palabras de Esperanza in Col. San Rafael to present one of two donations for projects selected to benefit from the third annual run.

Dr. George Stavros, his wife Susie, along with Rocky Point Medical Clinics Director Loly Martínez, and volunteers present for the center’s weekend health clinic, were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony to showcase the equipment acquired for the community meals program, which represents an investment of approximately 96,000 pesos.

The meals program, which had been providing services with basic minimal equipment, now welcomes an industrial grade stove, complete oven and grill, microwave, an industrial oven for baking pizza and bread, air conditioning, as well as shelves for the pantry and 200 sets of plates and bowls, among other items.

Speaking for the Toma Color organizing committee, Luis Altamirano detailed this year a call had been put out to submit projects in the areas of the environment, education, nutrition, and health, as possible recipients of funds raised from the race.

He explained the judging panel, which was separate from the organizing committee, selected equipping the dining hall at the Palabras de Esperanza Community Center as one of the selected projects, adding it provides meals four times weekly to at least 1000 people of limited means.

He remarked the in kind donation to Palabras de Esperanza represents solely the first part of donations raised at “Toma Color,” noting a second donation, representing 40% of the funds raised – or rather, 64,000 pesos – will be put into a project at the José Dávalos Valdivia home for the elderly.

On behalf of Rocky Point Medical Clinics, Loly Martínez noted benefits of the “Toma Color” run are palpable, inviting the entire community to continue participating in the event so that more altruistic projects can receive support.

toma-color1-1200x900 Toma Color 2016 helps equip community  “soup kitchen”

Organizing committee member Mariela Contreras detailed since “Toma Color” began in Puerto Peñasco in 2014, it has sought to raise funds to support worthwhile efforts within the community. In 2014, the race raised 120,000 pesos for the Dialysis Center with the participation of 800 people, while in 2015 nearly 1000 people took part in the event that raised 180,000 pesos, which allowed for construction of bathrooms at the CAM La Montaña school, for a total investment of 240,000 pesos. The 2016 race, which had 750 registered participants, raised 160,000 pesos.



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