Rocky Point Medical Clinics offer “Words of Hope”

med-clinics-630x420 Rocky Point Medical Clinics offer "Words of Hope"
Facebook photo courtesy of: Rocky Point Medical Clinics

For nearly 15 years, each month the Rocky Point Medical Clinics have set up shop in different spots across Puerto Peñasco under the watchful eyes of Dr. George Stavros and his wife Susie. The 2015 schedule continues this weekend, Feb. 21st, in an area of San Rafael where the group was recently granted a building and land by the current administration of Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta. The new center, Susie explains, will be called “Palabras de Esperanza” (Words of Hope).

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100_3748-645x483 Rocky Point Medical Clinics offer "Words of Hope"Begun by Dr. Stavros and Susie in 1998, the mission part of helping provide health services to the community of Puerto Peñasco remains one of the Rocky Point Medical Clinics’ main goals. The Stavros’ themselves were surprised in 2011 when Sonoran Governor Padrés honored them with an award at the Sonora/AZ Commission.

In addition to free consultations with volunteer health care professionals (from both the US and Mexico), last year the clinics also made it possible to fit some individuals with prosthetic limbs! Susie recently explained how one day she decided to google “prosthetic graveyards” and surprisingly came across information about prosthetic limb donations. Seeing how this could benefit a number of individuals the clinics see here in Puerto Peñasco, they dove right in and last year were able to fit the first recipients with prosthetics.

med-clinics2-630x840 Rocky Point Medical Clinics offer "Words of Hope"
Facebook photo courtesy of Rocky Point Medical Clinics

At times Rocky Point Medical Clinics has joined efforts with other organizations, most notably the local DIF last year in offering a free clinic at the DIF offices in town last Spring as well as during a Family Health Day at the baseball stadium. Yet, the Rocky Point Medical Clinics is in and of itself a monthly endeavor addressing health needs across the community.

Along with volunteer doctors and dentists (more of whom are strongly encouraged to volunteer), medical students from the University of Arizona can usually be found within the mix, providing both translation and health assistance services.

Turning back to the new center, “Palabras de Esperanza,” Susie is excited in talking about how this will include work with youth and a primary focus on medical and dental services. As she detailed in her most recent newsletter, “Suffice it to say that having 2 acres plus 2 building is a daunting responsibility and we are taking this opportunity very seriously. We are also excited about how much we will be able to help this new community, and we invite (if not beg) you to join us in this new venture.”

For more information on the clinics, or to offer your time as a medical professional, translator, etc. please contact the Rocky Point Medical Clinics by visiting them on Facebook: Rocky Point Medical Clinics   contact Susie Stavros  and visit their site:



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