Spring Break…The right way

Acacia-Fotos-3-095-620x348 Spring Break…The right way
Acacia Andrews pictured with Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Municipal Sports Director Fernando Lopez, Volleyball Coordinator Gloria Trejo, contributor and representative of TVA office (Tourist and Visitors Assistance) Rosie Glover, Coordinator of Sports Programs Gerardo Lopez, and proud grandmother Lila Walker Photo: IMDP

Contributor: Rosie Glover

Think of a 17-yr old high school senior…a beautiful girl who’s never been to Mexico before…being offered the opportunity to come for Spring Break. Undoubtedly you’ll envision this person partying all night and spending most days preparing for the next night’s round of the same.

Well, let me tell you about Acacia Andrews of Norman, Oklahoma. Acacia is the granddaughter of beloved long-time Puerto Peñasco resident Lila Walker, and will be attending Colorado State University in the Fall on a volleyball scholarship. Acacia was in Rocky Point this week, but rather than spend her time here in the usual way…she spent three consecutive days training Puerto Peñasco kids on the fundamentals of volleyball.

Despite not knowing any Spanish, and with a class of students with little or no English skills, Acacia certainly didn’t need an interpreter. Some things that are universal, like music, art, sports…and affection. Acacia met the kids and they immediately connected through their mutual interest in volleyball and it was clear that in the three days they worked together, a sincere affection grew between the tall, blonde who…up until just two years ago was being home-schooled in Oklahoma… and the young people who now say they intend to pursue volleyball and are anxiously awaiting her next visit.

At the end of the final session, Lila Walker proudly looked on as Mayor Alejandro Zepeda awarded Ms. Andrews with a certificate of recognition and volleyball shirts were handed out to the participating students.

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