Safety operatives strengthened in Puerto Peñasco

Press Release. Oct. 8, 2020. Public Safety Secretary. Sonora.

To provide peace of mind for travelers, tourists, and residents of Puerto Peñasco, authorities from the three levels of government have ordered police forces to the municipality and surrounding communities.

In a meeting held virtually, presided over by State Public Safety Secretary David Anaya Cooley, along with State Police General Commissioner Alfonso Novoa Novoa, and Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Munro López, an agreement was reached to strengthen police collaboration for the good of Sonoran families as well as visitors to this part of the state.

During the meeting, the readiness of operative forces from the three levels of government was underscored in coordinating actions across the region that will allow for crime prevention both within the city as well as along roads into the municipality.

The operative is being conducted along the area of the Golfo de Santa Clara, as well as attention to reports of a family from the U.S. having been stripped of their car along the road toward Puerto Lobos.

Patrolling operations in this zone will lead to more presence of State Police, Investigating Public Prosecutor, Navy, Army, and the National Guard.



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