Peñasco’s first wind turbine starts spinning

The towering wind turbine located along the road to Sandy Beach in Puerto Peñasco began turning recently, with the goal of producing clean energy set to benefit 10,500 families in Sonora.

The project, which was begun more than a year ago under the “Energía Sonora” program of State Legislator Antonio Astiazarán, after several months of setbacks began spinning on May 8th. The project will produce energy while taking advantage of the wind and sun, which will initially benefit 1500 families in Puerto Peñasco seen in reductions on electric bills. As detailed when the project first broke ground, the majority of benefits from this first generator will impact people in District IV in the state, which is South of Puerto Peñasco and toward Guaymas.

The wind turbine located on the road toward many of the popular condo complexes along Sandy Beach has caught the attention of visitors and residents alike and, reportedly, is the first of 5 turbines within the project to benefit the population of Sonora.

Astrid Bercovich, Puerto Peñasco representative for the Energía Sonora program, remarks a module has been reopened so that low-income residents in the municipality can register for upcoming electricity discounts and benefits through the ongoing green energy wind turbine project.



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