CBSC 60th Fishing Derby News – Phase II

Cholla Bay Sportmen’s Club 60th Fishing Derby News

Phase III of CBSC 60th Anniversary Fishing Derby coming up Memorial Day Weekend! Fish Fry on May 24th starting at 3 p.m. (serving starts at 4 p.m.) Info and questions:

Wind and ocean are a volatile mix especially if you’re a fisher person. Steady wind day after day gets really old when a fisher person is itching to get on the water and test their skills against Mother Nature’s wily ocean dwellers. That was the scenario for Phase II of the 60th CBSC Fishing Derby May 7-10. After two initial days of no boats launched, the wind finally settled down enough to allow boat fishing on Saturday and Sunday. Hats off to the shore fisher persons who kept the weigh station staff busy with their surf casting and kayak division catches. Those who took advantage of a calmer northern Gulf of California still paid their rock and roll ocean dues but managed to catch some fine fish anyway. Fish hard was the catch phrase as it was hard work to fish. Among the best catches were Pepe Rodriguez’s 73 lb. grouper, Mitch Callahan’s 29 lb. pinto and Lynn Altfillisch’s 20 lb. yellow tail. The target fish for Phase II was Cochi and that rod and reel prize was collected by Rolando Lisaraga with a 4.4 pounder. We can all hope for less wind and calmer seas along with good fishing for Phase III on Memorial Day Weekend May 21st – 23rd with the Fish Fry and Awards Ceremony May 24th. Keep on fishing everyone and your efforts will be rewarded – Lucky Chucky

Standings after Phase 2: 83 adults, 10 juniors

Adult Boat      
Calico 1st J. Atlfillisch 2.6 2nd M. Orcutt 2.5 3rd P. Rodriguez 2.3
Cochi 1st R. Lisaraga 4.4 2nd K. Busby 4.2 3rd D. Blamey 4.1
Flounder 1st J. Verhagen 23.8 2nd B. Hamblen 2.1
Grouper 1st K. Busby 88.3 2nd P. Blamey 82.8 3rd P. Rodriguez 73.2
Mackerel 1st R. Adams 2.6 2nd M. Orcutt 2.5 3rd J. Pendrick 1.9
Pargo 1st K. Busby 19.4 2nd R. Adams 2.1
Pinto 1st M. Callahan 29 2nd S. Truitt 20.9 3rd Tie T. Bottcher 8.1 & J. Stevens 8.1
Red Snapper 1st L. Altfillisch 5.1 2nd K. Johns 4.9 3rd S. Kathe 4.7
Sardinero 1st K. Johns 17.0 2nd T. McFarland 15.9 3rd M. Truitt 15.1
White Sea Bass 1st K. Johns 50.8 2nd F. Petersen 34.8 3rd J. Altfillisch 26.0
Yellowtail 1st L. Altfillisch 20.7 2nd J. Pendrick 19.2 3rd J. Altfillisch 16.0
Junior Boat      
Calico 1st A. Hamblen 2.5
Cochi 1st S. Byrne 2.2 2nd N. Yearin 1.4
Grouper 1st S. Byrne 3.0 2nd M. Stephens 1.8
Mackerel 1st A. Bolstad 1.4 2nd A. Hamblen 1.3
Pinto 1st N. Yearin 1.7
Red Snapper 1st N. Yearin 1.8 2nd B. Yearin 1.5 3rd A. Bolstad 1.4
Sea Trout 1st A. Hamblen 1.7
Adult Shore      
Cochi 1st M. Anable 2.5 2nd C. Camacho 2.3 3rd S. Schlaff 1.95
Flounder 1st Lisa Xiong 3.2 2nd B. Hamblen 2.9 3rd K. Blair 2.2
Mackerel 1st C. Blair 1.05
Pompano 1st tie: K. Blair 1.55 & R. Adams 1.55 2nd M. Orcutt 1.25 3rd C. Blair 1.15
Junior Shore      
Flounder 1st A. Hamblen 0.8
Pompano 1st N. Yearin 1.4 2nd A. Hamblen 0.4
Kayak (P.E.P.)      
Cochi 1st C. Blair 1.45
Flounder 1st A. Hamblen 1.45
Junior Miscellaneous      
1st A. Hamblen 2.0 2nd G. Byrne   1.9 3rd D. Mangino 1.5



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