Mi Playa offers new beach option

100_3643-620x436 Mi Playa offers new beach optionJust in time for Semana Santa, in broadening beach options to the general public here in Puerto Peñasco, the City of Puerto Peñasco has opened up access to the beach in a stretch between the Mirador and CetMar (near Las Conchas). The area has been provided to the City under lease by the University of Sonora, who had used the area for an extension of the University’s Department of Scientific Research and Technology (DICTUS).

100_3647-150x150 Mi Playa offers new beach optionIn February of this year, during the AZ-Sonora Commission, Governor Padres of Sonora and AZ Governor Brewer together visited the spot where the project will come to fruition and looked over renderings of plans for this public beach area.

Just last Saturday, March 31st, Mayor Alejandro Zepeda was on hand for the official “opening” of the beach, named Mi Playa (My Beach) and people can now begin to use the palapas, beach soccer goals, and grills set up on the beach. There is ample parking with provisional lines drawn out with lime, along with portable restrooms, and beach-side showers for washing off sand. 100_3645-620x383 Mi Playa offers new beach optionA quick trip out to Mi Playa today (4/4) proved that families are already taking advantage of the palapas, many of which are still being put together with bamboo and large palm fronds. A pick-up sand soccer game was well underway, taking advantage of goal posts set up, and others were simply enjoying looking out over the rocky areas as the tide drifted in. A visit to Mi Playa also provides one with the chance to see colorful renderings of the impressive plans for this spot of the beach.

100_3648-620x465 Mi Playa offers new beach optionUntil there is additional signage, to get to Mi Playa: when heading along Blvd. Fremont toward Las Conchas you will see a small ‘entrada’ sign just before InterCeramic (I had to circle back to find it the first time). When heading to town from Las Conchas, you will actually see a large Mi Playa sign on the right-side of the road just past Consign & Design, with an arrow pointing to a left turn. *Don’t drive up the “Solo Salida” road (exit only). Once at Mi Playa there are clear signs helping guide you back to the “Salida” (exit) down another short road that empties back out onto Blvd. Fremont just across from the Oceano offices.  There are a few trash containers available, though if you’re planning a day at Mi Playa please be sure to stick to the “pack in, pack out” plan and help keep our beaches clean! We will be anxious to follow this project as it comes along, and are happy to have another beach access option in town, one that is now open to the public!

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