JJ’s 1 Club Open tees off this Saturday 9/29!

Back in the day, there were only two “golf courses” in Rocky Point: a trek literally through sand and over dunes in Las Conchas, and the famed bottom of the sea course at low-tide just outside JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay. With three meticulously designed and landscaped courses now stretching around Las Palomas in town, Laguna del Mar just north of the city, and at Mayan Palace, one may think the bay bottom one-club days at JJ’s would be all but a memory. Not so! This Saturday, Sept. 29th, the bi-annual 1 Club Open is back, with tee off at 6:30 a.m. This is no ordinary golf course, as the holes look more like hula hoops with flags in the middle, and the terrain is a rocky, miniscule-shell filled, glistening “tidepool”.

2012-Cholla-Bay-1-Club-Open-102-465x620 JJ's 1 Club Open tees off this Saturday 9/29!This past Spring, groups of 2, 4, and up to 10 took their time wandering around the bottom of the bay course, each golfer  – some in costumes – carrying his/her selected club for the day (No, you don’t have to take your own). Registration for the 1 Club Open is at JJ’s and is $10 US/person; this includes tees, balls, and the course map. Plus, you can use any of the clubs available at JJ’s – last time, we saw a wide selection of irons right next to the bar.  After registering, and with map in hand, upon heading out on the bay side of JJ’s continue up the shore until you see the first tee – yes, the hole is the hula-hoop out past the rocks.

Russ Black, of Peñasco Recreation Co, avid golfer, and repeat 1 Clubber shares one important secret for the day, “It is advisable to not wear white pants.”  Other recommendations include plenty of sunscreen, hydration, and don’t forget to look for JJ’s beer/drink cart winding its way around the 18-hole course. This is 4 hours of absolute fun and you will no doubt make many new friends in the process!

1 Club Golf Tournament – Registration at JJ’s Cantina, Cholla Bay

Saturday, Sept. 29th

Tee off: 6:30 a.m.

Registration: $10 US includes tees, balls, course map, clubs available from JJ’s collection

More Info at:  email jjscantina@yahoo.com  Tel:  382-5198 or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JJCantina   Plus, JJ’s now has a monthly newsletter you can sign up for with just your email address.



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