Handshake by Handshake. Circus Mexicus gets going with valuable donation

Now in it’s XVI edition, the Circus Mexicus music festivus of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers continues to offer much more than good music and high spirits along the shores of Puerto Peñasco.  For over a decade, as the number of concert attendees has grown, not to mention the myriad of venues plus extra days of music, the charitable efforts and sharing spirit of RCPM has only gotten stronger.

This year, before hitting the seaside concert stages strewn across the city, Clyne along with event promoter Greg Ross and fundraiser gurus Lisa Cusick and Linda Kwaczala met with members from the local Tourist Auxiliary Unit (TAU), the TAU Advisory Board, and Municipal Tourism Director Luis Altamirano to present a donation of equipment and supplies to the TAU.

Helmets, boots, shirts, backpacks, gloves, goggles, and more were all part of the generous donation to the TAU, which is an auxiliary part to local Safety Department efforts in providing assistance to tourists in particular. TAU Director Luis Molina, along with supervisor María García Nevarez, highlighted the donation made by the Roger Clyne team is a “concrete way of participation and sponsoring this effort of the city to provide services to visitors. Everyone benefits.”

“Little by little, handshake by handshake, grin by grin,” remarked Clyne, “we see this as a catalyst in working together. This is how we do it.”

The 2017 Circus Mexicus weekend, which officially kicked off with music at area venues on Thursday night, anticipates concert goers from 6 countries and 27 U.S. states, detailed event promoter Greg Ross.  In speaking about the donated equipment, Ross added, “We look at it as a reinvestment in our activities down here, our fans. The TAU allows the policia to protect the city, while the TAU can be more tourist focused, if that’s what comes out of this then it seems like everybody wins.”

“We’d also like to thank Puerto Peñasco,” Ross concluded, “it’s a great place and it’s a lot of fun to be able to show off the city that we love and show people a really good time!”



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