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August 17, 2019

Growth in Summer Tourism. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

Convention and Visitors Bureau reports more resources for tourism promotion

By José Antonio Pérez

August 11, 2017.  A sustained increase in tourism to Puerto Peñasco, along with the peso-dollar exchange, has resulted in a 30% gain in collections from the 2% accommodations tax, translating into more resources for tourism promotion.  Convention and Visitor Bureau (OCV) President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado detailed occupancy at area hotels this year confirms Puerto Peñasco is rated first in tourism in Sonora, even above Hermosillo. He added data issued by the state Treasury office positions Puerto Peñasco as the municipality with the most growth in the last three years with respect to the 2% accommodation tax, representing 34% of the total collected in Sonora.


Civil Protection forecasts three storms for Puerto Peñasco in 2017

By José Antonio Pérez

August 10, 2017.  Of the 17 storms forecast this season, at least three of these are expected to make their way to Puerto Peñasco between now and November, reported Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz, Director of Civil Protection and the Fire Department, noting the department remains alert to all weather conditions. He added, though the storm season began in May, historically August through October are the most problematic for hurricanes in this region.   In the past 20 years, Puerto Peñasco has been impacted by just four hurricanes: Nora (1997), Juliette (2001), Marty (2003), and Odile (2014), all of which occurred in September.


650,000 Summer Visitors to Puerto Peñasco in 2017

By José Antonio Pérez

Aug. 8, 2017.  With just one week to go in the 2017 summer season, Puerto Peñasco has seen a 9% increase in tourism, registering approximately 650,000 visitors from June through August, according to data from the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).  OCV President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado stressed these numbers confirm sustained tourism growth in Puerto Peñasco over the past five years, and that the peso-dollar exchange has not had a negative impact on summer visitors.  Data indicates average occupancy rates over the summer reached 74.5%, compared to 72% in 2016, and 650,000 visitors over the 600,000 registered last year.


Hotel chains take a look at Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Aug. 7, 2017.  Large hotel chains including Marriott, Holiday Inn, and others have once again begun exploring Puerto Peñasco, with sights on investing in this tourist destination that has seen sustained growth over the last five years, reports Oscar Federico Palacio Soto, representative of the Hotel and Motel Association of Sonora.  Palacio Soto deemed the cruise Home Port as an important opening for the growth of hotel accommodations, noting presently there are numerous condo-hotels.  He detailed chains such as Marriott and Holiday Inn had announced projects for the area in past years, though these did not come through at the time. However, there is renewed interest and good possibilities for hotel development in this part of Sonora.




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