Importance of Puerto Peñasco – Puerto Lobos fishing corridor

peñasco-lobos-corridor-exposicion-2-1200x675 Importance of Puerto Peñasco – Puerto Lobos fishing corridor

By José Antonio Pérez

Aug. 9, 2017.  The exhibit “United by the Sea and our Future” emphasized how fishing continues to be a main source of life for more than 60,000 residents along the Puerto Peñasco – Puerto Lobos corridor. The exhibit, consisting in more than 70 photographs along with informative material, stressed the importance of several wetland ecosystems, reefs, islands, and other elements, as well as the positive impact of more than 50 fisheries that generate revenue of over 190 million pesos.

Socorro González Barajas, Communications assistant of the Puerto Peñasco-Puerto Lobos Biology Corridor and Fishing Project, stressed the mission is to organize and encourage sustainable fishing within the coastal fishing sector for the good of families, communities, and ecosystems. The exhibit, therefore, shows progress from clean-up campaigns, collaborative agreements, and creation of new groups within the corridor, along with work with recreational and deep-sea fishermen in making them a part of this effort.

Work on the Puerto Peñasco-Puerto Lobos Corridor has been in place since March 2015, and involves 60,000 residents from the communities of Puerto Lobos, Punta Jagüey, El Desemboque, Santo Tomás, Bahía San Jorge and Puerto Peñasco. The plan involves representatives from the coastal fishing sector, along with the civil society organizations of CEDO and SuMar, with the goal of addressing common problems.




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