Encántame Towers continues to soar

The immense complex of Encántame Towers , located along Playa Encanto just southeast of Rocky Point, held its third groundbreaking over Labor Day Weekend. The festive atmosphere, bursting with the excitement and anticipation of new owners and invited guests, topped off a busy week which also included a site visit by outgoing Sonora governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano.

Beaming from ear to ear, Sales Director Keith Allen seized the opportunity to thank an incredible sales staff, while developers Mary Snyder and Miguel Guevara Askar applauded the diligent work of engineers and builders, HOA staff, on-site restaurateurs “Santo Coyote”, as well as prime rental agency Casago.

Allen detailed, “Our first building Velero is completely sold-out, except for the grand penthouse. There are two premium condos in our second building Verano, and as we stand here today we are 67% sold-out in our third building, Viento.”

Encantame-Labor-Day-Sept-2021-3-1200x800 Encántame Towers continues to soar

Developer Miguel Guevara, who together with Mary Snyder has been responsible for successful completion of five prior resorts in Puerto Peñasco since 1995, shared, “It’s a great feeling that we are finally doing the third building, which is the end of this first phase of Encántame Towers. We had a dream many years ago, and the dream was to do towers in Rocky Point. We are very very happy. I want you to know we will continue developing as we have properties on the right side and the left – and we are working with the architects, we will continue.”

Part of the day’s events included the honor for the first buyers in the Viento building to flip the switch for initial pouring of concrete into the tower’s massive footings. Upon completion, Viento  will become the third tallest building in Sonora, just behind its counterparts Velero and Verano at Encántame!

Encántame Towers is the 6th project for the development team of Miguel Guevara and Mary Snyder, who have both been in Penasco, full time since 1995, seeing through to successful completion five prior resorts including Puerta Privada, Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea, Princesa de Peñasco, and Condominios El Pinacate!

For more information on Encántame Towers, visit their Model located at the roundabout on Sandy Beach, open daily 9 am – 5 pm or online at:   encantametowers.com

Encantame-Labor-Day-Sept-2021-2-1200x900 Encántame Towers continues to soar



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