Artist grants recognize one of our own!

Each year, the Sonoran Institute of Culture (ISC) presents economic grants through the Stimulus Program for Creation and Artistic Development (PECDA) of the State Fund for Culture and the Arts (FECAS). On February 11th, FECAS honorees were recognized in Hermosillo during disbursement of the first part of the grants for those within the Traditional Categories for 2014-2015.moka-fecas-630x631 Artist grants recognize one of our own!

This is of particular note and importance for us at Rocky Point 360 as one of our writers, who we all know as MoKa Hammeken, is among the 2014-2015 FECAS grant winners and traveled to Hermosillo just last week to be part of the event! Hammeken was selected within the Young Creators category and throughout this year will be developing a novel, as well as leading literary workshops in town. ¡Felicidades, MoKa!

The FECAS grant helps further the creative and artistic work for cultural projects developed by the grant winners over the period of one year. Established in 1993, FECAS has benefited 731 cultural and artistic proposals with funds totaling over 32 million pesos. This year, FECAS funds total just over 2.3 million pesos.

Cultural and Artistic categories within the PECDA-FECAS program include:

  • Young Creators
  • Individual Artistic Development
  • Artists with established background
  • Artistic Groups, including both Music and Dance
  • Artistic Research
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage
  • Artistic Workshops



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