Working to keep Puerto Peñasco’s beaches clean

Trash accumulation on Puerto Peñasco’s beaches shot up after reopening in August, reports the local ZOFEMAT office. César García González, Director of the local Federal Maritime and Land Zone office (ZOFEMAT), indicated the amount of trash collected along the city’s beaches in late Summer and early Fall has gone up 2000%. This has resulted in removal of 2 to 5 tons of trash weekly.

García González expressed a large influx of tourism, while positive on many fronts, unfortunately also means more trash on area beaches. He detailed his office has reinforced beach cleaning tasks by adding another team of workers specifically to remove all waste from along the shoreline.

Another strategy ZOFEMAT is implementing is that of putting up signage and handing out flyers that detail beach regulations. The goal is to raise awareness about caring for the environment, along with the flora and fauna, while also ensuring Puerto Peñasco maintains Clean Beach certification.

Beach hours remain in effect, allowing for exercise from 6 am – 8 am and 5 pm – 7 pm. General beach hours 8 am – 7 pm  * No glass bottles * Please remove all trash * Masks required when entering / departing beach – not in water or in personal area once settled



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