Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year’s Eve

Wind and rain the afternoon of New Year’s eve in Puerto Peñasco led to a citywide power outage of at least 3 hours in the main part of town, and over 12 hours in outlying areas, including Miramar.

2021-ene-31-dic-storm-penasco-d Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year's Eve

Following tours through town, members of the Municipal Civil Protection and C.O.E. met to determine damage caused by the day’s weather.  Given the situation, Mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo will be asking the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to declare the area an emergency zone to seek assistance with immediate repairs  and restoring of services.

2021-ene-31-dic-storm-PC Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year's Eve

Staff from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) detailed the strong winds and heavy precipitation caused damage to CFE towers located along the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway on the last day of the year. This led to interruption of electricity for a span of at least three hours in Puerto Peñasco and neighboring Sonoyta (from approximately 1:30 p.m – 4:30 p.m.). However, electricity remained out for over 12 hours in some outlying areas south of town.

2021-ene-31-dic-CFE-tower Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year's Eve

Navy helps with Rain Response

2021-1-enero-marina-b-1200x553 Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year's Eve

A press release from the Ministry of the Navy detailed the Puerto Peñasco Naval Sector, in conjunction with the National Guard, activated the “Prevention” phase and GN-A Plan in response to the end of the year storm in the area of Puerto Peñasco.  Among measures taken to assist, Navy personnel helped in evacuating an older wheelchair bound adult and family from a home in the Cárcamo neighborhood. The individuals were taken to the main Fire Station on Blvd. Carrillo (formerly Blvd. Fremont).

It is important to note staff from the local Naval Sector consistently coordinate with members of Municipal Civil Protection and Fire, as well as Public Safety and transit, to assist in cases of natural disasters as required.  The Naval Sector of Puerto Peñasco may be reached at 638 383 1691 as well as 01 800 627 4621 (01 800 MARINA) for emergencies.

Intense weather along area beaches

Rain and power outages within the center of Puerto Peñasco on Dec 31st led to flooding of several homes and streets, as well as a lack of water services in some areas.  Strong winds  along the coast impacted beach areas east of town, particularly surrounding the area of Mayan Palace and Miramar.

Individual reports from the Miramar seaside community indicated internet services were out for at least a 24 hour span, while on January 1st electricity had yet to be restored to that area though CFE continued to be working on site.  Homeowners in the area recommend assessing individual property damage after noting the toppling of several road side gates and palapas, damage to roofs and tiles, build-up of sand on patios, doors that had been blown in/down, and an excess amount of water that came in through beach side windows.  Some of the facilities at Mayan Palace, just beyond Miramar, also appear to have sustained weather damage, including several broken windows.

Help Document Damage

Municipal Civil Protection encourages individuals who experienced flooding, either within their homes or on nearby streets, to photograph damages caused in order to add documentation to what will be sent to corresponding authorities as evidence of the emergency arising due to the end of the year rainstorm.  Email:

2021-ene-31-dic-storm-penasco-b Wind & Rain take serious toll on New Year's Eve



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