Utah Rotary Club joins effort to support Dialysis Center

The International Rotary Club in Utah has made a commitment to donate $3000 US and medical equipment to help support ongoing efforts to launch the first Dialysis Center in Puerto Peñasco, spear-headed by Peñasco’s First Lady Mrs. Rafaela Félix de Figueroa.

This agreement was recently reached during a meeting held at the facilities of the Dialysis Center with members from the “Comprehensive Community Assistance Project” Civil Association and members of the Utah Rotary Club presided over by Mr. Michael G. Wells.

Along with the donation of $3000 US, the Rotary Club also plans to donate medical equipment consisting of a “crash cart”, which is used during emergencies and includes a defibrillator, an otoscope, and an ophthalmoscope.

rotary-dialysis  (1)Mr. Jerry Summerhays lauded the efforts of Mrs. Félix de Figueroa in working to make this first dialysis center a reality and also thanked Comprehensive Community Assistance Vice-President Enrique Rodríguez Ramírez for involving the Rotary club in this important social project. “We are here in support through the initiative of Enrique,” stated Summerhays.

Project Treasurer Adriana Burke Andrade shared with all the challenges that dialysis patients from Puerto Peñasco currently face in having to travel well beyond the city for treatment. She detailed the experience of her own father, Mr. Joaquín “Timoteo” Burke, who has to travel to a hospital in Caborca three times a week (about 2½ hours away) for dialysis treatment.

She indicated, “It is a true challenge for the entire family. I take my father to the hospital in Caborca for treatment on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Dialysis takes approximately three hours and it is wearing not only for him, but for the entire family. This is why having a clinic here in Puerto Peñasco would be of tremendous help.”

After thanking the Utah Rotary Club once more for their committed donation, Mrs. Félix de Figueroa explained the funds would be used to purchase a third dialysis machine. She added in order to fully function appropriately they are awaiting confirmation from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) to subrogate services for IMSS patients from Puerto Peñasco and neighboring areas.



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