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August 24, 2019

Spring Break in Rocky Point 2018!

Spring Break is right around the corner, and once again Puerto Peñasco will welcome thousands of “breakers” and families.  Here’s a quick run through of FAQs and a taste of the many options you can find in 2018 for Spring Break in Rocky Point!  Don’t forget Wrecked out at the Reef, JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay, Baja Cantina hotel in the Mirador, and how about horseshoes or adult jenga at Southside Jillz at the end of Calle 13!


Yes, U.S. passport or passport card needed for reentry (since 2009 under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative). Those 16 and under require birth certificate (and to be quite honest an official photo I.D.) If for some reason you don’t have your passport on you (like it’s being renewed or something), be sure to carry a notarized Birth Certificate and official photo I.D.

Driving tips, insurance & shuttles

Maps to Rocky Point

Border info: The Lukeville/Sonoyta entry is closed between midnight and 6 a.m.


While some U.S. insurance companies do extend their comprehensive and collision coverage into Mexico, none of these offers Liability coverage in Mexico, which is required by law.  You can purchase Mexican Insurance online prior to travel, as well as over the phone or at numerous spots along the drive down (for example in Ajo, Why, or at the gas station in Lukeville just before crossing).

Shuttles from Phoenix

head-out Spring Break in Rocky Point 2018!Head Out to Rocky Point: Advanced booking preferred, both for groups and individuals (One-way and solo travelers based on availability). Airport pickup available. Reservations can be done through their contact sheet online at:  www.headouttorockypoint.com   or by phone: 602-971-0166 or Toll-Free: 866-443-2368

Transporte Supremo:  Tel: (602) 455-9522, (480) 733-5908  Mondays thru Sundays 5 a.m. – 7 p.m.  Offices and shuttle departures from: 2902 W. Van Buren #6 Phoenix, AZ 85009

Driving Tips

When driving to Rocky Point…remain aware to speed limit signs and look for stop signs!!!!  Important: the traffic signs in Mexico are in kilometers and just as you cross the border you will see signs that go from 60 kilometers to 20 kilometers shortly after entering the country (yes, speed trap!); often policias are there ready to remind you. After a fun-filled week in Rocky Point, when driving back to the U.S. border it is VERY IMPORTANT to drop your speed to 40 kilometers/hour just as you near the final curve leading into Sonoyta – yep,  another speed trap.  Be sure to review our notes on Crossing the Border as to how much and what you can bring down!

SUPER IMPORTANTE!  All traffic violations are paid directly at the Police Station (just say “no” to mordidas – or rather, bribes).

Volante-Mordida-01-776x1200 Spring Break in Rocky Point 2018!

Drinks?  The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 and we ask everyone to be smart when going out. Have fun, but make sure you get home safely (and remember where you are staying)!! There are taxis available all over town, as well as at the hotels and resorts – they generally charge per person though we recommend checking with your hotel as to what the “average” taxi ride rate may be.  Make sure someone in your group remains a designated driver if you’re planning on driving, but again…take advantage of the taxis and travel with friends (always travel with at least one other person – and hopefully one of you will remember where you’re staying).

ATVs, ultralights, & helmets?  Yes, they’re around and yes, wear a helmet! ATVs are not allowed on the main roads through town, so stay to the sand and dunes – don’t speed past cars on paved roads even on the sand shoulder next to the road.

Emergency numbers:  In Mexico, just like in the U.S. dial 911 in case of an emergency.  The Red Cross is located on Blvd. Fremont right near the Fire Department and is easily spotted if needed, open around the clock.

Let us know what questions you have about Spring Break.



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