Seafood ~ Mariscos (and certainly more…)

Aqui es con Flavio
383-5292    Old Port area
Spacious dining room, outdoor patio, parking
Hours: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily
Beautiful view over the Sea of Cortez

383-5155  388-5077 By boat harbor
Seafood, Mexican

Combo Taco
Blvd. Fremont
Fish tacos

End of Calle 13, near Peñasco del Sol Hotel
Fresh seafood right by the beach

Kanacho’s Mariscos
On way to Old Port next to Terranova

La Casa del Capitan
383-5698  Atop Whale Hill, turn off on way to Old Port
Mexican & seafood dishes
One of the best views over Malecón and the Sea of Cortez
Hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily

Mariscos El Guamúchil
Blvd. Sonora
Sinaloa style seafood
Aguachiles, breaded shrimp, fried fish

Mariscos Lolita’s
On way to Mirador, down the Street from City Hall

Mariscos el Conchal
Blvd. Juarez

Sr. Amigo’s
Old Port

Mary’s Seafood
Old Port

The Blue Marlin (El Marlín Azul)
383-6564 Old Port down street from Thrifty Ice Cream
Fresh seafood daily, Mexican
“Our seafood slept in the ocean last night”

The Point
383-8660 On the Malecon
The only restaurant right on the sea




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