Sea ~ Desert ~ Rain?

Following two days of cloud cover hovering over Puerto Peñasco and the Rocky Point Rally, the first drops of rain began to fall on the city on Saturday night, 11/12, just as people were streaming out of local bars and restaurants where they had gathered to watch the Pacquiao-Marquez boxing fight. Riders wiped off their bikes and headed out into the night to wrap-up rally celebrations as lightning lit up parts of the sky.

Rain continued throughout the night and in the morning the city was dotted with various pools of water, and some roads had been converted into mud adventures, resulting in detours to drier streets. Bikers, some with rain gear, leaving the area following the 2011 Rally had to carefully maneuver as they made their way out of the city. It is worth noting that road machinery was observed by late morning, early afternoon in areas of Las Conchas and Cholla Bay while in town various spots were beginning to dry (or at least diminishing) under the sun.

Rocky Point’s average yearly rainfall is about 2 inches, though in the past month we may have already topped that. In fact, the weather station installed at the Intercultural Center for Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO) reports the accumulated yearly rain is at 66.4 mm (approximately 2.6”).

Look forward to blossoms in the desert on the way through the Pinacate, and possibly a green dusting of Whale Hill on the way to the Old Port. We’ll also look for ongoing work on roads and some street clean-up in coming days.  For homeowners, a tip we received is to be sure drain pipes from the roof are clear of sand to help prevent indoor leaks.

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  1. We left for Tucson on Thursday, Nov 10 as our condos at the Marina Pinacate were rented for the rally. I bet the crowd that rented our condos in town off Calle 13 were REALLY happy that they could get home with no problem on Saturday night in the rain. Sadly, I missed out on the rain myself, tough.

  2. My weather station at my beach house in Encanto had recorded 1.81 inches of rain from the time the storm began Sat. night to when I left for Phoenix at about 9:30 AM Sunday morning. I was up a good portion of the night as a river of water was flowing down my courtyard and at times heading through under the front door. Roads out were in bad shape and flooded. So glad I had my 4×4 Pathfinder. Highways had some flooding in areas, but passable.

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