Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012

It’s June! As we round the corner now into summer, this weekend’s note is actually going to be a brief Summer Rundown.  Is that because it’s a slower season? By no means! In fact, in recent years the summers have begun to represent a high-season for area hotels, resorts, and rentals with more and more tourists from across Mexico making their way to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco.  So, grab your sunscreen, drink lots of water and consider a summer vacation in Rocky Point!

100_3940-620x465 Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012Today, June 1st, was Día de la Marina (Marine Day) in Mexico. If you happened to be around Old Port this morning you saw a number of activities around the malecón and harbor, as part of commemorative ceremonies honoring Mexico’s Marine force, as well as the fishing community of Puerto Peñasco, and those who have fallen at sea.  Local boats, filled with dignitaries, city officials, and local community members joined in the sea parade to set floral wreaths upon the sea just off the malecón. Beautiful!

cedo-certamen4-620x241 Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012Tomorrow, CEDO will be granting awards to the winners of its 18th Environmental Contest “Fishing for the Future,” with a festive day of activities from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. including music, dances, and more. Open to the public! This weekend also includes the final days of Marina Fest, near the Chamizal event center just off Blvd. Juarez as you come into town.

circus-mexicus-620x352 Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012Going into next week…we are just days away from the Circus coming to town! Roger Clyne & the Peacemaker’s Circus Mexicus that is, now in its 21st edition (June 7/8-10, 2012)! Remember, there will be music between Wrecked @ the Reef and JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay beginning Thursday evening and through Sunday, with the big concert on Saturday at Wrecked.

cine-muestra-junio10-283x620 Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012Also next week 6/10, changed from its original date of May 26th, will be the Premiere showing of student films from Puerto Peñasco’s First Film Workshop – thanks to the Cine Club Primera Toma. The red carpet showing and awards will be on Sunday, 7 p.m. @ the Municipal Auditorium – with extra showings on Monday at 5 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Tickets available at Coffee Point locations (Blvd. Juarez & Blvd. Josefa Ortiz).

Plus, on 6/9 watch for Over the Line Softball – also near Wrecked, with proceeds going to the Santa Claus Club.

volante-tequila Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012As we ease into summer, look for Tequila Fest on Saturday 6/16, which will be held in an open air “amphitheater” at the base of Whale Hill starting at 5 p.m.  You can reserve a table, 250 pesos per person, or general admission is 50 pesos. The Tiburones baseball team will be playing a number of home games throughout June – be sure to check their “rol de juegos”. Also in June there’s the second phase of the Angler of the Year fishing contest at JJ’s in Cholla Bay.

On the docket for July is a Casino Night fundraiser at the Sonoran Resorts, 7/7 with proceeds going to the local DIF (office of Integral Family Development). Plus, the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) has announced its 5th Annual Deep Sea Fishing Contest for July 7 & 8 – more info as it becomes available at

las-vegas-poster-2-509x800-394x620 Rundown ~ Glance at Summer in Rocky Point 2012

July 1st is also election day in Mexico, hence the colorful decorations we have all over town. Keep in mind as the clock strikes midnight on June 30th going into July 1st there is a “ley seca” (dry law) so no more alcohol sales after midnight or throughout the entire election day.

We’ll be back with weekly rundowns once we stretch our summer sea legs at the beach……



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