Rocky Point is Home of the Friendly Sea

Contributor:  Sarina Brown

You may be at home wondering what are the people up to in Rocky Point on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of January? We are out walking, wading, playing and even swimming on this gorgeous January afternoon. When the sun is shining the water feels good even in the middle of the winter. Many folks, (not just the Canadians who are accustomed to the cold) are out enjoying the ocean right now.

The ocean temperatures in Rocky Point are surprisingly friendly all year around. This makes us the ideal town for water enthusiasts. My favorite water activities are Stand Up Paddle-boarding, swimming, snorkeling, digging clams, and playing ball with my dogs in the ocean. Other favorite local water activities include kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing, and scuba diving.

playa-sarina-brown-1200x900 Rocky Point is Home of the Friendly Sea
Photo provided by: Sabrina Brown

Just compare our average annual water temperatures to those of San Diego so you can get a feel for how awesome we have it here in Rocky Point.

San Diego has the following average water temperatures:

Winter           60 Degrees F            Holy Moly!
Spring           64 Degrees F            Cold
Summer         70 Degrees F            Chilly
Fall             63 Degrees F            Cold

Rocky Point:

Winter            65 Degrees F            Cold (but feels great on sunny days)
Spring            72 Degrees F            Slightly chilly only when you first get in
Summer         84 Degrees F            Can anyone say bathtub? Comfy for hours!
Autumn          82 Degrees F            Best kept secret on the planet, October is our Magic Month with perfect air and ocean temperatures alike!

Sarina-Long-Realty-828x1200 Rocky Point is Home of the Friendly SeaAbout the author – Sarina Brown, BSBA, is a licensed Realtor in Puerto Peñasco. She also serves on the board of the local realty association, AMPI. She has a true passion for the beach lifestyle and activities in our town.



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