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August 24, 2019

Revolutionary Day Parade set for Monday, Nov 17th

Preparations are underway for the annual Mexican Revolution Day parade, now commemorating its 104th anniversary. The parade is set to take place Monday, November 17th.

José Iván Valle, Coordinator from the Office on Civic and Cultural Affairs, explains the parade this year has been reduced by 40% to make sure the parade is livelier, though without losing the essence of participation by area schools and rescue organizations.

He indicated the 104th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution will begin with a flag raising ceremony, and honors to the flag in recalling those who fought for Mexico’s Revolution. Afterwards, at about 8 a.m., the parade will begin from in front of City Hall and is to include groups from 33 schools, from elementary through college, and should last about 2½ hours marching down Blvd. Juarez.

“The parade was getting to be up to five hours long, and it was tiring for the children who marched, as well as their parents and onlookers. This is why we decided to make it shorter yet without losing the beauty of the parade,” he clarified.

The Civic and Cultural Affairs Coordinator commented those participating in Monday’s parade will include squads from the Red Cross, the Fire Department, Naval sector, and riders on horseback, among others.

City and State officials will get to take in the parade, and greet all participants, from a stage set up near the parking lot of “Lupita’s” along Blvd. Juarez.

The Revolutionary Day Parade will begin outside City Hall on Monday, Nov. 17th at about 8 a.m., making its way along the entirety of Blvd. Juarez to its end point near the Francisco León baseball stadium.



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